The easiest and cheapest means to improve the defense of your residence is to install a deadbolt. With the right tools, also the average homeowner can acquire the project done with family member ease. Here"s how.

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Step 2

On each side that the door, note the point 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ indigenous the sheet (the measurement counts on the length of your latch bolt; for specifics here, describe the template noted by the manufacturer of your chosen lock). Meanwhile, top top the edge of the door, mark the midpoint. The 3 marks you’ve made represent where you’re going come drill.

First increase is the hole because that the lock cylinder. Having actually attached the 2-1/8″hole saw to her drill, address the note on the front of door. Fairly than drill all the means through, go around an inch deep, then move over and drill with the various other side.

The an outcome should be a clean, circular hole v which you can conveniently see the various other side. End up with the 1″ spade bit; drill v the significant point ~ above the side of the door, continuing until this feet meets the other.

Step 3

Choose the faceplate from amongst the lock components supplied v your purchase. Match the feet in the faceplate v the hole you drilled top top the door’s edge. If holding the bowl in position, trace around it with your pencil, noting its silhouette.

Having done so, usage a 1″ chisel to create a 1/8″-deep mortise within the tracing. The faceplate and also bolt are most likely attached, therefore you must install both simultaneously.

After confirming which is appropriate side-up for the bolt, on slide the bolt with the latch hole, happen the faceplate flush with the sheet of the door (assuming you’ve mortised correctly). Secure the plate with the mounting screws noted before moving onto the vital cylinder. When sliding the cylinder into place through the larger hole on the face of the door, be certain to fit the tailpiece the the cylinder v the equivalent holes on the bolt.


Once it’s effectively positioned, screw the cylinder top top the door. Climate repeat v the other half of the cylinder: slide it into the door, join it to the bolt, climate screw the in.

Step 4

The hard part is over. ~ locking and also unlocking the system a few times to check its functionality, activate the bolt and shut the door as far as it will certainly go.

On the doorjamb, mark the point where the bolt hits. Here, making use of the 1″ spade bit, drill a feet to accept the bolt. Now look over to the unused lock components you have left; the win plate need to be among the last remaining. Fit it over the hole, then trace roughly it v your pencil. Together you did because that the faceplate in step 3, continue to chisel out a 1/8″-deep mortise.

Once finished, set the strike plate into the mortise, making it flush through the jamb, then secure it in location with screws.

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Test the door to be particular that it’s functioning properly. Assuming the is, you have the right to now remainder easier, discovering the average burglar would have a much, lot harder time acquiring entry to your most an important investment—your home.