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I"m tho trying to uncover a decent price on an ATV, and now I"m finding that the Kodiak shows up to have the very same specs together a Grizzly, however pricing is around $1000 lower. Why? My objective for to buy an ATV is primarily to assist develop a building I freshly purchased, using an add-on three-point hitch and also various devices that will affix to that. Follow riding and also hunting are second to the purpose, and also I"m start to think that the Kodiak can be a much better match. What space your thoughts?
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I searched "kodiak" in title and also found the following:
07 Blue Grizzly 700 EPS26" GBC Grim Reapers - 14" Machined ITP SS212s . Moose double zone heated grips & thumb . Viper Max 3K w/AmSteel-Blue Rope . Coop45 mod 3, EPI purple spring . Rox Risers & Aero paris bars . Totron 12" combo LED bar . Strict Duallys (angled out) . Xxbilletxx 1" prior spacers . Yamaha HD front bumper . ODI Rogue lock-on grips . Ricochet skids - full set . Plano 1510 behind box . Elka phase 3"s . Back-up lamp . Electrical stuff . Yellow plugs x3 . Grip mitts . Uni Filter . AmsOil . Halos
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There"s too many of differences that do the Grizzly worthwhile for a $1000 more, and also betting those links you will acquire you every the details. The Kodiak is a an excellent deal in that it stays in a course where the big motor is unheard of by the competition. If girlfriend are simply considering money however, likely resale will host much much better for the Grizzly and also you"ll see a lot an ext for it once it comes time to sell. In the lengthy run, the Grizzly might actually be much less money, detailed you don"t get into modding.While a Kodiak is the purpose-built device for property management and hunting, it every comes down to the recreational trail riding you want to do, and also where you desire to do it. If you are trying to find a light romp through the woods to enjoy nature, the Kodiak is quite competent in ~ that. As your require for speed or technological trails increase, the Grizzly becomes the device of choice. Both deserve to be the workhorse, yet only one will excel at spirited to chat riding.Have friend trail ridden before? If you haven"t, you can be surprised at exactly how much you favor it, and later wished you spent the extra. If there"s kids and also others that will certainly borrow it, the Kodiak will most likely be less abused, together pushing it come the border isn"t going to be all that crazy.Both are proficient machines, and also it"s really much more about you and also how you intend to usage it, and wether you"d fairly pay the extra now, simply in situation your needs adjust over time. Great luck with your decision.

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