These lessons with videos and also examples assist Pre-Calculus student learn around horizontal and also vertical graph stretches and compressions.

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The following table gives a review of the revolution Rules for Graphs. Scroll under the web page for much more examples, solutions and explanations.


Function Transformations: Horizontal and also Vertical Translations

This video explains to graph graph horizontal and also vertical translate into in the form af(b(x-c))+d. That looks at how c and d affect the graph of f(x).

Function Transformations: Horizontal and also Vertical Stretch and Compression

This video clip explains come graph graph horizontal and vertical stretches and compressions in the kind af(b(x-c))+d.It watch at just how a and also b influence the graph the f(x).

Horizontal and Vertical Graph Stretches and also Compressions (Part 1)

The general formula is given and a few concrete examples.

y = c f(x), upright stretch, aspect of cy = (1/c)f(x), compress vertically, element of cy = f(cx), compress horizontally, factor of cy = f(x/c), big horizontally, element of cy = - f(x), reflect at x-axisy = f(-x), reflect in ~ y-axis

Horizontal and also Vertical Graph Stretches and Compressions (Part 2)

This video clip discusses the horizontal stretching and also compressing that graphs.

Graph Transformations about The X-Axis and also Y-Axis

This video clip talks around reflections approximately the X axis and Y axis.(Part 3)

Effects top top The parent Function

In this video clip we discuss the impacts on the parent role when:

Stretched Vertically,Compressed Vertically,Stretched Horizontally,Compressed Horizontally.

Different species Of math Transformation

There are different types of math transformation, among which is the kind y = f(bx). This form of math revolution is a horizontal compression as soon as b is better than one. We have the right to graph this math transformation by making use of tables to transform the original elementary function. Other important transformations encompass vertical shifts, horizontal shifts, and also reflections.

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This video clip reviews function transformation including stretches, compressions, move left, move right, and also reflections throughout the x and y axes.

Try the free Mathway calculator and also problem solver listed below to practice assorted math topics. Try the provided examples, or type in your very own problem and also check your answer with the step-by-step explanations.