Sexing Rabbits and also sexing infant bunnies. Exactly how to tell malerabbits indigenous female rabbits. The is easy, with our image of 6 mainly old kit andadult rabbits and also complete guidelines and also tips.

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It’s virtually a joke - you walk to the pet keep or hare breeder, buy 2 of the cutest bunnies you ever before did see, and the sales clerk assures you they’re both does. He also checks them because that you top top the spot. Yep, girls.

A pair months later, among the rabbits is pregnant.


Sexing rabbits deserve to be subject to operator error. The likelycause of the misidentification the a rabbit’s gender is just not knowingexactly how to sex a rabbit.

It is not tough to tell male from female, however it is straightforward to make a failure if you don"t examine the bunniescarefully. This is because in tiny bucklings,

--Their equipment hasn’t descended, and--Without adequate pressure, the penile sheath does not protrude enough for you to tell the difference in between buck and also doe.If you don’t use enough press on the vent area forfear the hurting the bunny, nothing will protrude at all.  that is where sexing rabbits can get tricky,but keep analysis - we"ll present you precisely how to recognize the gender of arabbit, even if it is a bunny or an adult rabbit. And also we have consisted of some greatpictures to aid you "see" what come do.

How to Tell the sex of a Rabbit

Placethe kit in her lap bottom side up. We location the head versus our tummy and also thetail in the direction of our knees (see photo #7 below for the big view).

This is what you’ll see...

A six-week-old buck is pictured in #1.

A six-week-old doe is pictured in #2.

There’s no much difference in these pictures!

This is due to the fact that the anus and the privates space normallyscrunched together, prefer two doorways encountering each other in a short hallway.

With the kits merely flipped over, you don’t see lot ofanything.

In this views, the vertical slit top top the tail next is partof the anus, and also the opening for the privates is tucked into the crevice andbarely visible.



So here"s what you do. Pinchthe tail between the an initial two fingers, and also place the thumb on the hair in thevent area.

Pull ~ above the tail gently yet firmly, and press downward on the ventwith the thumb.

This will open up the works so you have the right to tell what is what.

In photo #3, you deserve to see the a tubular structure isclearly protruding, and also it has a one opening.

Yep, this is a tiny buck. One openings that protrude alot equal bucks.

Picture #4 mirrors a little doe. Through a little bit of certain pressureon the vent, you can see an opened that follow me to a slit without hardlyprotruding in ~ all, also if you press a tiny harder with your thumb. 

Linear openings that don"t protrude hardly at all equal does.



Here is the an essential to obtaining it right:

Push with enough pressure that little boy protrusions perform notstay hidden.

Do no be fear to apply firm pressure, without pushingclear to the backbone, of course.

Here room a couple close-up pictures:

The protruding circle is the boy bunny (picture #5).

The flatter cleft is the girl hare (picture #6).


Here’s how we hold them - bottoms-up inour lap, head versus our stomach and hind finish towards the knees:

Sexing Rabbits once Adults

Thegender that adult hare is much much easier to identify.

A castor rex buck is pictured in #8. A chinchilla rex doe is pictured in #9.

Again, at very first glance, your hind end don’t watch all that different, since the openings room still encountering each other.

But top top the adult buck, you deserve to now see two lengthy grayish areas on either next of the vent. These are thinly furred scrotal sacs - a dead giveaway to his buckhood.

Applyingthe same methods as us did come the bunnies, grasp the tail between your firsttwo fingers and also apply gentle however firm push to the vent with the thumb.

Here’s what you will do it see:

Picture #10 is a buck.

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If you occurred to miss the scrotal sacs, a buck will offer an noticeable protrusion from the vent.

It doesn’t take lot pressure at all to disclose theprivates. 

Picture #11 is a doe.

With the doe, nothing in reality protrudes. Together you use firmpressure, you’ll uncover the same slit you found on the bunny, and it will beeasier to disclose it.

If that looks like there’s a little of a protrusion, that is onlybecause girlfriend are pushing downward on the vent.

For an ext info about sexing rabbit kits, and also the weaning procedure see Rabbit Raising difficulty Solver, pages 148-149, and Chapter 9, managing the Nursery (starting on web page 190),