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Choosing between a turbulent Collie vs Border Collie way pitting 2 beloved herding breeds against each various other for her affections.

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Both dogs space clever, loyal and also highly trainable. Yet both breeds room also an extremely high energy and also shed a lot. So, lock won’t be perfect for all households.

Some pet parents favor the unstable Collie because that their an ext easy-going nature. Yet others i will not ~ be without a Border Collie to store up through their love the the outdoors.

In this article, we’ll collection out the similarities and differences in between Rough and Border Collies. So that you deserve to pick the ideal one for you with confidence.

Rough Collie Vs Border Collie – which is Best?

Rough Collies and also Border Collies both have famed reputations, and also many admirers all over the world.

Neither one is much better than the other.

But depending upon your household, her lifestyle, and also your circumstances, one of these breeds might be a far better fit because that you in ~ the moment.

And we’ll assist you identify which that is.


Rough Collie vs Border Collie: Contents

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Rough Collie vs Border Collie History

Where else to start, but with the origins of each breed?

It can seem choose old news today, yet the early history of a dog breed have the right to make a substantial impact top top what they’re choose as a pet today.

So let’s see what a turbulent Collie’s root tell us about them.

Rough Collie History

Rough Collies began out in Scotland just over 2,000 year ago.

They were originally the result of crossbreeding between native Scottish herding breeds, and dogs brought over to Britain by the Romans.

They helped sheep farmers with their flocks, but kept a pretty low profile till the regime of Queen Victoria.

She was such a fan, that attention in castle surged everywhere the world. From lamb farmers and also non-sheep farmer alike.

By the time the American Kennel club was established in 1885, castle had currently long due to the fact that established a loyal fanbase in the unified States. And also so they were among the an initial 14 each other to be recognized.

Border Collie History

Border Collies are another dog breed aboriginal to the UK.

Many think that they were the an outcome of interbreeding in between Roman herding dogs and also Viking spitz-type dogs.

The brand-new crosses were prized for your herding ability, merged with sturdiness and also nimbleness. Castle were fine suited to functioning in rocky and also mountainous regions.

Despite your popularity, Border Collies no registered with the AKC till 1994.

Fans that the breed resisted AKC registration because that so long since they were worried that it would change the focus of breeding from working capability onto looks.

Rough Collie vs Border Collie fun Facts

Rough Collie is a bit of a misnomer – the correct breed name is simply Collie.In fact, “rough” defines their lengthy coat. Smooth Collies likewise exist, and they have brief coats.In the U.S. Both species of cloak are provided on the same pedigree. Yet in some countries they are pertained to as separate breeds.“Border” in Border Collie describes the Welsh/English and also Scottish/English borders, whereby the breed first found popularity.The most famous Rough Collie to be of course, Lassie.Border Collies have starred in Babe, A Dog Year, and Cowboys and also Aliens.

Rough Collie Vs Border Collie Appearance

Can watch alone help you pick the ideal dog? Let’s uncover out.

Rough Collie Looks

Rough Collies are by far the bigger dog.

They sweet 35 – 75lbs and also stand 21 – 26 inches taller at the shoulder. Males room usually bigger 보다 females.

Their outer coat is long, straight and also “harsh” (as opposed to silky). They additionally have a thick undercoat, to keep them warm whilst functioning outdoors end winter.

Under all that fur, your body shape is lithe and streamlined, as result of outcrossing through Greyhounds at an early stage in their history. This is most noticeable in your long, slim face.

Rough Collies’ coats can be white, tricolor, sable and white, or blue merle color.

Fun fact: Aficionados the the Collie breed are so totally happy with just how their gorgeous canines look, the the official breed standard hasn’t been readjusted in over 40 years!

Border Collie Looks

Border Collies are shorter and stockier than rough Collies.

They weigh 26 – 44lbs, and stand 18 – 22 inches high at the shoulder.

So there is additionally less sports in size within the Border Collie breed, 보다 there is in between the biggest and also smallest stormy Collies.

Their cloak is much shorter than a stormy Collie’s. It can be straight or wavy.

There aren’t any type of rules around what color they can be. Yet black and white is by much the many common.

Rough Collie Vs Border Collie Temperament

Both Rough and also Border Collies to be originally, and in many situations still are, working herding dogs.

And this shines with in their temperament. Both dog are really responsive come training, and also can find out a many of various cues.

Rough Collies

Rough Collies space loyal, and an extremely patient with children.

They are an ext inclined to be wary of strangers than Border Collies. Which way they are famous for fulfilling a double role of herding dog and guard dog.

Some currently of unstable Collies space prone to fearfulness. So lot so that researchers in Sweden think they have pinpointed a particular gene i m sorry is responsible for it.

Some Collies have a high chase instinct, and some are fairly enthusiastic barkers. But these qualities aren’t uniform across the breed. They differ from one dog to the next.

Border Collies

Border Collies on the other hand are world-famous for their brains.

One significant Border Collie dubbed Chaser has learned the separation, personal, instance names of end 1,000 of she toys!

And researchers have also reported the she deserve to understand basic sentences, and the prestige of syntax. Such together the difference between “take the frisbee come the ball” and “take the round to the frisbee”).

Border Collies’ intelligence method they excel as working dogs, and additionally in obedience and also agility competitions.

But it also method they easily get bored, frustrated and also distressed if they room left alone or ignored for much of the day.

Borders Collies room usually confident and also friendly with suitable socialisation and training. However they have the right to take a if to heat up come strangers.

Border Collies are additionally notable for their strong herding instincts. Castle might shot to round up smaller pets or kids which lock think have actually strayed from where they have to be.

Rough Collie vs Border Collie Training

Both the stormy Collies and also Border Collies respond fine to force-free maintain using optimistic reinforcement.

Since both breeds have the right to be wary of strangers, it’s important to socialise them well together puppies. This to reduce the hazard that your nervousness will certainly turn right into aggression when they’re older.

As they flourish up, frequent, structured training sessions favor those in our training Courses space perfect both because that shaping your behavior. And likewise meeting their require for mental stimulation.

Advanced cultivate in an abilities like obedience, agility, herding and scentwork will certainly also aid to protect against your dog obtaining bored and destructive.

The bouffant rough Collie benefits from training from a young age to accept being brushed and also groomed.

Rough Collie vs Border Collie Exercise

Border Collies and also Rough Collies both require a lot of exercise every day.

Border Collies space bred to work outside all day, covering numerous miles and keeping charge of your flock at the same time.

They are most likely to obtain restless on less than 2 hours’ exercise a day, and also divert their pent up power into unwanted behaviors instead. Bored Border Collies are well known chewers!

Rough Collies generally demand less exercise than Border Collies. But they room still large athletic dogs. So they need at least an hour out every day.

Rough Collie and also Border Collie Health

Raising a dog isn’t just a lifelong commitment to training and exercise – the a far-reaching financial commitment to food and also vet’s fees together well.

So many people prefer to know in development what health issues they might confront down the line. It can potentially avert a most heartache too!

These room the main health pertains to of Rough and Border Collies:

Rough Collie Health

We will begin off by spring at part potential unstable Collie health and wellness issues.

Collie Eye Anomaly

Collie Eye Anomaly is one inherited eye an illness which can lead come blindness.

The frequency that Collie Eye Anomaly shows up to vary in unstable Collie populations. Some regions report 24% that dogs transporting the disease, and others report 68% of dogs transferring it.

Only dogs that inherit the defective gene indigenous both parental are affected by the disease. So all potential reproduction dogs need to be screened before mating.

Degenerative Myelopathy

This is a gradual spinal disease. It leader to lose of co-ordination and paralysis the the earlier legs.

Around 1 in 10 rough Collies room affected.

Tooth Decay

Around 1 in 10 rough Collies experience conditions of the teeth and gums in their lifetime.

Multiple medicine Resistance

Despite the name, dogs with Multiple drug Resistance room actually over sensitive to the effects of medication, since they space unable to move drugs the end of their brain quickly enough.

About 1 in 3 unstable Collies space affected. They can be identified by a DNA test.

Border Collie Health

Now, let’s take a closer look in ~ Border Collie wellness issues.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is one abnormality the the hip joint which develops into pains arthritis.

Around 1 in 10 Border Collies are right now affected. Breeding dogs have to be screened to stop passing it to their puppies.

Collie Eye Anomaly

Around a quarter of Border Collies carry the faulty gene responsible for Collie Eye Anomaly.

Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome

Puppies who inherit the gene for Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome native both parental have jeopardized immune systems and also fail to thrive.

Around 1 in 5 Border Collies are carriers. So reproduction dogs have to be experiment to make certain two carriers aren’t mated together.


Legg-Calve-Perthes is a ache disorder i m sorry affects roughly 15% of Border Collies.

Poor blood it is provided to the i know well joint reasons the bone to die and also crumble away.

Degenerative Myelopathy

10% the Border Collies also experience Degenerative Myelopathy (described above).

Grooming unstable Collies Vs Border Collies

It won’t surprise you to find out that among these dog breeds requirements substantially much more attention to grooming 보다 the other!

Rough Collies have a lengthy outer coat, and a dense, heat undercoat. Both are prone come tangles and matting without continuous attention.

They need brushing every day. Twice a year they “blow their coat”, during which they take moulting come a brand-new level, and also need even an ext attention to make certain their shed fur doesn’t gain trapped and also matted in the brand-new growth.

Their coat do not do it be clipped, and also clipping it i will not ~ escape the need for everyday brushing.

You can read much more about the work associated in a rough Collie’s coat here.

What about Border Collies?

Border Collies likewise come in 2 coat varieties. Those with longer coats will certainly need more grooming than those v smooth coats.

But, overall, it will still be much less maintenance 보다 the unstable Collie.

Border Collies require grooming a few times a week, and will shed much more heavily throughout shedding seasons.

If the amount of organize is the just thing preventing you from picking a unstable Collie end a Border Collie, don’t forget they come v smooth (short) coats too!

Which Breed renders A much better Pet?

Perhaps what you’ve read so far has already given friend a clear idea of i beg your pardon dog is a much better match because that you.

If not, this is our take it on which families are far better suited come a turbulent Collie over a Border Collie, and vice versa.

Both dogs are ideal suited to families where who can interact with them for several hours a day. This can be a mix of walking, jogging, cycling, training, playing, and also taking part in dog sports like agility or flyball.

Without this high level that engagement lock are most likely to obtain bored, frustrated, or distressed, and express the by barking, chewing, digging, or various other unwanted behaviors.

Border Collies in details are finest suited to people who can provide them several hours of one come one fist every day. An extremely active retired people, or civilization who will employ their dog in a working role for example.

Border Collies may likewise be much better left to civilization who have actually previous endure of dog training. Because that the uninitiated dog parent, that is rather favor jumping in in ~ the deep end!

Rough Collies room the slightly easier pet. Castle are much better suited to families with youngsters too. Border Collies are more likely to shot and herd increase young children. This could sound entertaining, yet it is actually a surefire recipe because that misunderstandings and also painful nips.

However, turbulent Collies perform need much more grooming. Castle may also be more prone come barking at strangers.

Rough Collie Or Border Collie?

Either of this dogs has the potential to it is in a dedicated companion because that an active owner v a passion for dog training.

The Border Collie is best left to knowledgeable dog owners, whilst the rough Collie gets on well through kids.

If the grooming demands of the turbulent Collie seem daunting, look because that smooth-coated litters.

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Whichever dog you choose, look because that a breeder that carries out wellness checks on their sires and also dams.

Do you have a turbulent Collie or a Border Collie? tell us around your factors for choosing them in the comments!