You view It on the Grocery save Shelf Under plenty of Different Names: Canning Salt, Pickle Salt, Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, and Table Salt. Room They interchangeable for your Canning Needs?

One preparedness blogger, Jane in ~ said you might make your very own canning salt, by grind up some of the kosher salt you have on hand. She offered it the same means as canning salt.

This is a practical and also simple method of resuming your canning without pausing and dashing out to the save for canning salt. Although relying on the brand girlfriend buy, part companies additionally put additives prefer anti-clumping agents into this type of salt as well.

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Bottom line – kosher salt: yes, however you’ll must grind it into finer grains before making that brine.

Canning Salt:

Simply put, due to the fact that it is the purest form of salt around, no additives space introduced. Plus, every the tough work of grinding up sea or kosher salt is done for you.

While having canning salt ~ above hand would certainly be ideal, you should store it properly in one airtight and waterproof container.

Here’s just how to usage the extra canning salt to maintain herbs and even lemons in salt.

Bottom line – canning salt: a identify yes, because it is the most natural salt the end there. Save it properly for lengthy shelf life.

Salt Shelf Life

In case you to be wondering, salt in all of its develops has an indefinite shelf life. It must be save in non-metal containers and kept far from overabundance moisture.

Keep those two things in mind, and also you deserve to be particular that in 10 or twenty years your salt will still be there, ready for your following canning session.

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So are all this different varieties of salt a marketing ploy come squeeze an ext profit and to fill your pantry shelves with up come four various kinds of salt? you decide.

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