Sarah Wayne Callies has headlined few of the greatest television collection of the 21st-century. While younger fans may ideal remember she for her occupational on the beforehand years ofThe wade Dead, those that go ago earlier will always have a soft spot for her revolve onPrison Break.

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Callies helped make Michael Scofield and also the company’s escape a fact playing Dr. Sara Tancredi. Unfortunately, Dr. Tancredi almost didn’t do it to the end because of pregnancy and also a contract dispute.

Sarah Wayne Callies’ gets her start


Sarah Wayne Callies | Getty Images

According to IMDb, Callies make her display screen debut in 2013 and also quickly rose into a bona fide television star. She uncovered herself ~ above the collection of Prison break after several short-lived operation on collection such asTarzan. Her character in Prison Break, Dr. Tancredi, met a quirky prisoner named Michael Scofield. He arrived at the jail to rest his brother Lincoln out.

Tancredi, whose father played a major role in Scofield’s plan, assisted Michael and also his team break out. However, that didn’t come there is no a cost. In a shocking midseason twist, she to be seemingly decapitated off-screen. ScreenRant notes, this gruesome death was an ext than meets the eye.

The fatality of a doctor

According to reports from the moment of airing, Dr. Tancredi’s death was not an alleged to be temporary. Through the show currently on life support and her looming pregnancy making it tough to shoot, she released a statement to TV Guide about her gruesome departure.

“As hard as us all tried, the Prison Break powers the be and also I were unable to uncover a method to satisfy both the needs of the story and also the needs of my family. We parted, wishing each various other well. I had a wonderful time working through the an imaginative team and also have a civilization of respect for every one of them; lock took an excellent care of Dr. Sara. I’m likewise enormously grateful to the fans. They’ve been so gracious and supportive, and I expect they proceed to enjoy the show,” she said in a statement to TV guide in 2007.

Producer Michael Olmstead painted the exit as a business move after ~ Callies’ let that be recognized that she want them come work roughly her pregnancy while also being a component of the season as a whole. Through her contract running the end midway v season three and also an uncertain future because that the series, Olmstead and also the company decided to death her off.

Speaking v TV guide in the after-effects of Tancredi’s shocking death, Olmstead stated that Callies’ wasn’t feasible unless she could meet your terms or do it come the set an ext often. They squeezed lemonade from the lemon and decided to include another death to a collection known for throwing the audience curveballs.

“We supplied the story come our benefit in that she to be being held hostage. to be gracious sufficient to let us use her image, which yes, really helped. I entirely get it, personally. She was, at the time, pregnant and also living in a remote part of Canada and nesting; type of looked in ~ the options and didn’t desire to go forward. No hard feelings whatsoever. The present is one ensemble. The present moves forward,” the told the publication.

Life after ~ death

Callies didn’t remain dead long. After she character’s untimely, gruesome off-screen death, a fourth season intended that she was accessible to return. The collection reversed Tancredi’s death the complying with year, and also Callies continued to be on the collection for the rest of the run, including the 2017 rebirth miniseries. Not lengthy after, she discovered herself escaping for her life indigenous the Zombie hordes in Walking Dead.

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Callies play Lori Grimes from 2010 to 2013. Playing wife to Andrew Lincoln’s Rick, her death on that present was no as temporary. Since leaving the series in 2013, Callies failed come recapture herWalking DeadandPrison Breakglory past the latter’s reboot. However, she remains tough at job-related on numerous television series and movies. Her fatality onPrison Breakmay have actually been a vast surprise, but her resurrection made it even more memorable.

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