Paige Dunham is a talented film producer and also motivational speaker. She is an ext popularly known as the ex-wife of among the most praised comedians in America, Jeff Dunham. Who exactly is Paige Dunham?


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Paige Dunham looking every lovely. Photo:
Paige DunhamSource: Facebook

She also started having dancing class at her family’s to dance school. Paige then joined Clemson university in southern Carolina, united state where she graduated v a Bachelor’s level in business.


Paige met her former husband, Jeff Dunham, in 1994. Through this time, she already had one daughter, Bree Aleece, v an undisclosed man. The 2 dated for about three months and also got engaged. Lock tied the knot in respectable 13, 1994.

In the very same year, Jeff Dunham ex-wife began a database for Jeff Dunham’s online fan society which played a huge function in his win during the 1997 American Comedy Awards together the ideal Male Stand-Up Comic. She additionally compiled newsletters and sold them under his name.

Paige to be not just Jeff Dunham wife, but also his co-worker. Precious noting, she is thought to it is in behind most of his job success at the time. She helped him in writing material and also creating present ideas.


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In 1999, she introduced Brasma publication company, a continuation of the family organization which published the book Dear Walter in 2003.

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In 2006, she launched the Jeff and also Paige foundation which was geared towards helping human being in need. Because that a while, 100 percent the the profit from your eBay store and also $1 native a ticket revenue of Jeff’s comedy reflects went to the foundation.

In the very same year, their foundation and Ronald McDonald home of Houston presented a $35,000 cheque come the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

At the finish of the couple’s marital relationship in 2012, Paige ended up being a motivational speaker for women going through the process of divorce.

Jeff Dunham very first wife then started her very own charity organization known as The Paige Dunham Foundation. Today, she also works an executive movie producer. Some of her movies encompass The face of Love that aired in 2013 and Last days in the Desert in 2016.


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After return to West Palm Beach v her an initial born daughter, she met the stand-up comedian. Jeff Dunham and wife dated for about three months and then got engaged. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in respectable 13, 1994 in Los Angeles, California.

Paige Dunham and her ex-husband acquisition a take self at the beach. Photo:
thepaigedunhamSource: Instagram

The new family relocated come Los Angeles. Jeff Dunham embraced Paige’s first-born daughter and also became her legal guardian.

In 1995, the pair welcomed their first-born daughter together named Ashlyn Evelyn, and also two year later, Makenna Paige, your second-born daughter.

Why walk Jeff Dunham and also his wife get a divorce?

The pair began having marital problems just when their career and also business started to thrive. In 2008, Jeff filed for separation, yet Paige filed for divorce. Jeff Dunham divorce was finalized in 2012.

Jeff Dunham's wife this particular day is well-known as Audrey Murdick. Interestingly, she to be his personal trainer. The couple got married in 2012, the exact same year once Jeff’s divorce procedure came to end.


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jeffdunhamSource: Instagram

Audrey is also a certified compete bodybuilder and certified nutritionist. In 2015, the pair became parents to twin boys James Jeffrey and Jack Steven.

Paige Dunham philanthropist

The beauty beauty is known for she philanthropic acts. She supports various children’s charities and also humanitarian causes.

She has actually a soft spot because that running and also terms it together healthy. Because that instance, she took part in the san Francisco half-marathon and also raised $6,000, which she donated come the national Institution for mental Health.

Was Paige Dunham sue by brand-new wife?

In 2015, Audrey filed a lawsuit versus Jeff’s ex-wife, Paige, for allegedly registering several domain names under the surname “Audrey Dunham” without she permission, even before Audrey took she husband’s last name.

Audrey sued for damage of $100,000 for each domain name, and also filed a claim of unfair competition. Together of 2021, the lawsuit outcome remains unknown come the public.

Paige Dunham net worth

Paige Dunham do a fortune while she operated with she ex-husband. As of 2021, she is approximated to have a network worth of about $20 million.

Paige Dunham’s life is an epitome of success. Despite having a successful career of her own, she proceeds to aid those in need through she foundation.

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Back in 2007, she was part of a reality show called Nashville. In spite of it being a an excellent show, it just aired two episodes. The series was around young country singers who were identified to become famous for your talent and also love because that music.

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