A 16-year-old brand-new Yorker, Emmy Rossum, has actually landed a lead function in the upcoming film of Andrew Lloyd Webber"s The Phantom the the Opera.

Really valuable Films announced June 13 that Rossum will play opera singer Christine Daae, who voice is motivated by the Phantom. Already an acclaimed opera singer, Rossum has actually been performing with the city Opera since the period of seven. She showed up in the television productions "The Audrey Hepburn Story," "Songcatcher" and also "An American Rhapsody" and was recently seen in Clint Eastwood"s "Mystic River" in ~ the Cannes film Festival.

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Rossum will join 33-year-old Scottish gibbs Gerard Butler, who will play the location role, created on stage in London and also on Broadway by Tony award winner Michael Crawford. Butler began his job on the phase opposite Ewan McGregor in the stage adaptation that "Trainspotting." His feature-film credits include "Mrs. Brown," "Tomorrow never Dies," "Dracula 2000" and also "Reign that Fire."

As previously announced, Broadway favourite Patrick Wilson rounds the end the trio the leads as Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny. It"s a liven time because that Wilson, who received Tony nominations because that his work-related in Oklahoma! and also The complete Monty. The young gibbs will likewise star in HBO"s six-hour adaptation that Tony Kushner?s Angels in America and also the Disney historic drama "The Alamo." Wilson will play armed forces commander wilhelm Travis in the latter, the contrary Billy Bob Thornton and also Dennis Quaid.

Joel Schumacher will direct the feature-film version of Lloyd Webber"s musical, which begins principal photography Sept. 15 in ~ the Pinewood Studios in the U.K. Lloyd Webber freshly bought the Phantom movie rights ago from Warner Bros., return Warner Bros. Will certainly distribute the film in phibìc America; Entertainment movie Distributors will distribute the film in the U.K. Through Odyssey International handling international sales.

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about the upcoming movie, composer Lloyd Webber stated in a statement, "From the start Joel and I constantly wanted a young and fairly unknown cast. Provided his track record for discovering stars such together Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and also Colin Farrell, who am i to argue through him?" based on the classic Gaston Leroux novel, The Phantom the the Opera features music through Lloyd Webber, text by Charles Hart and added lyrics by Richard Stilgoe. Harold Prince directed both the London and new York premieres. The brand-new York production ? originally starring Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman ? won 6 1988 Tony Awards including one for best Musical. The score has such tunes as "Think the Me," "The Music that the Night," "All ns Ask of You," "Wishing You were Somehow right here Again," "The suggest of No Return" and also the title tune. Hugh Panaro currently heads the Broadway company as the disfigured Phantom who falls in love v a naive chorus girl, Christine Daae.