When world think of chuck Norris, they may think around all the web memes of him. The gibbs played notable roles in films and also television series. In Walker, Texas Ranger, which is acquiring a reboot, Norris play the main character, Walker. 

In real life, that is a master when it pertains to martial arts. He has taught dozens of people, with one of his college student being previous television hold Bob Barker. In The method of the Dragon, he fought Bruce Lee. He gained quite a couple of pounds prior to doing so.

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Who is lining Norris?

Norris learned martial arts while he offered in the U.S. Wait Force. After he left the service, he came to be a karate instructor. He opened his own studios and taught celebrities prefer Steve McQueen. It to be McQueen who acquired Norris into acting.

His popularity flourished when he landing a duty in the movie The way of the Dragon. Later, that played walker in the TV collection Walker, Texas Ranger. Norris lugged his martial arts expertise to his roles. Not only do fans understand him because that his fighting abilities, but they do plenty of hoax online.



L-R: Bruce Lee vs. Lining Norris | Concord Productions Inc./Golden Harvest Company/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Fans to be no doubt excited to watch two skilled fighters dual each other in the movie. When Norris landed the role, he had actually to prepare himself before filming started. The is usual for actors to work-related out, change their weight, or perform anything rather to acquire ready because that a movie.

While some actors are an ext likely to shed weight for a film, Norris had actually to execute theopposite. Follow to psychological Floss, the producer told him that he essential to placed on some weight. The actor obtained a total of 20 pounds before filming.

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It may seem favor a lot, however Norris operated hard to finish the request. The factor why he needed to perform so was to appear larger 보다 Lee on camera. Lee’s character would appear an ext triumphant when defeating someone larger than him.

However, weight acquire did have an effect on the actor. It was nothing serious, however it did make it harder because that Norris to do details moves. Because that example, he might not do jump kicks in the film. 

“That’s why ns don’t carry out jump kicks ,” Norris told Empire in 2007, reports psychological Floss. “I couldn’t gain off the ground!”