Jane has actually two cakes of same sizes. She has 8 guest at the party. She decides to divide both the cakes evenly throughout. Exactly how will she be able to do this?


Thus dividing both the cakes same to acquire the balance while using them is the department property the equality. Let's learn more about the in detail.

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In this mini class let united state learn around the division property the equality formula, department property the equality in geometry, department property that equality v fractions, department property of equality proof, division property the equality calculator and division property of equality angles.

Lesson Plan

1.What isDivision residential or commercial property of Equality?
2.Tips on division Property of Equality
3.Important notes on division Property that Equality
4.Solved instances on division Property of Equality
5.Interactive inquiries on division Property of Equality

What Is department Property that Equality?

If \(a\), \(b\), \(c\) are the real numbers, such that, climate thedivision residential or commercial property of equality formula is provided by:

If \(a = b\) and \(c \neq0\), climate \(\dfracac = \dfracbc\)

Consider the equation \(18 = 18\)

Divide both political parties by 2

\<\beginalign\dfrac182 &= \dfrac182\\ 9 &= 9\\\textLHS &= \textRHS\endalign\>

The equation still continues to be balanced.


Division home states that once we divide one sideof an equation through a number, we need to divide the other side that the equation by the exact same number so that the equation remains balanced.

Division property of Equality Proof

The following snapshot illustrates the division property the equality in Algebra in solving linear equations.

If \(5x = 25\),then \(x = 5\)ondividing by 5 top top both sides.

Thus, we apply the division property the equality formula here to solve for \(x\)


You can verify if \(x = 5\) is the systems of the provided equation through substituting \(x = 5\) in the equation.

\<\beginalign\textLHS &=5 x\\ &= 5\times x\\ &= 5\times 5\\ &= 25\\ &= \textRHS\endalign\>

Thus we obtain the division property the equality proof.

Formula of department Property of Equality

The formula of department property the equality is given as:

If \(a = b\) and also \(c = d\), then \(\dfracac= \dfracbd\)


1. To find the value of the unknown variable, we use this division property along with the various other properties of equality.

Consider addressing this straight equation, \(3x -2 = 7\)

\<\beginalign*3x - 2 + 2 &= 7 + 2 \text (addition property)\\\\ 3x &= 9\\\\\dfrac3x3 &= \dfrac93\,\text(division proerty)\\\\x &= 3\endalign*\>

2.Consider equation \(2x = 1\)

To deal with for \(x\), division both political parties by 2.

\<\beginalign\dfrac2x2&= \dfrac12\,\text(division property)\\\\ x &= \dfrac12\endalign\>

Division residential or commercial property of Equality Calculator

In the adhering to simulation, go into the equation, try to deal with the equations and also check her answers through the step-by-step procedure in resolving the equation.


Division home of Equality in Geometry

Congruent angles have actually equal measures.

1. Department Property the Equality in Geometry is usedalong v the properties of congruence.

Given space two congruent angles. We require to discover the measures of the angles.

\(5x - 8\) and also \(3x + 4\) room the 2 congruent angles.

\(\therefore 5x-8 = 3x +4\)

We must solve because that \(x\) and then the angle by using the department property of equality angles.


Thus we discover that both the angles are equal to \(22^\circ\)

2. Division Property of Equality angles is offered to findthe unknown angles.


\(\angle AMN+ \angle BMN= 180^\circ\) \(\because\) the angles kind a linear pair and are supplementary.

\<\beginalignx + 2x &= 180\\\\3x &= 180 (\textdivision property)\\\\ x &= 60\endalign\>

Division residential or commercial property of Equality with Fractions

\<\beginalign10\textv &= 2\\\\\dfrac10 \text v10 &= \dfrac210\text(divide both sides by 10)\\\\\textv &=\dfrac15\endalign\>

You can verify if \(\text v =\dfrac15\) through substituting in the equation.

\<\beginalign\textLHS &=10 \textv\\\\ &= 10\times\dfrac15\\ &= 2\\\\ &=\textRHS \endalign\>

Thus verified.

What room the 8Properties that Equality?

The complying with are the 8 properties of equality:

SubstitutionIf \(a = b\), climate "b" have the right to replace"a" in any expression.
AdditionIf \(a = b\), climate \(a + c = b + c\)
SubtractionIf \(a = b\), then\(a - c = b - c\)
MultiplicationIf\(a = b\),then \(ac = bc\)
DivisionIf \(a = b\)and \(c \neq 0\), climate \(\dfracac= \dfracbc\)
Symmetricif \(a= b\), climate \(b = a\)
Reflex\(a = a\)i.e. The number is same to itself
TransitiveIf \(a = b\) and also \(b = c\) , then \(a = c\)


Example 1

Thegirls checked out the canteenand bought three muffins and also two coffees the together cost $17. If the cost of one coffee is $4, What is the costof 1 muffin?



First, allow us convert the given statementinto one equation.

Let \(a\)be the expense of 1 muffin and also b be the price of 1 coffee.

Then we have \(3a + 2b = 17\)

Given the \(b = 4\),then we have actually 2 coffees because that $8

Thus we have,

\<\beginalign3a + 8 &= 17\\\\ 3a + 8 - 8 &\!=\! 17 - 8\text(subtraction property)\\\\3 a &= 9\\\\\dfrac3a3 &= \dfrac93\text(division property)\\\\a&=3\endalign\>

\(\therefore\) The cost of a muffin is $3

Example 2

Andrew is about to make a recipe that requires equal amount of flour and sugar.

He knows the flour steps 144 pounds. His sugar pack after the last intake has been marked as \(12 (x+4)\).He locations the packs of flour and also sugar on the pans. They gain balanced.What could be the worth of \(x\)?



Since the pans gain balanced, the quantities of sugar and also flour should be equal.

i.e. \(12 (x+4) = 144\)

We uncover that this involvesmultiplicationand hence department property might be used.

\<\beginalign\dfrac12 (x+4)12 &= \dfrac14412\\\\ x+4 &= 12\\\\\textBy individually property,\\x+ 4 -4&= 12 - 4 \\\\ x &= 8\endalign\>

\(\therefore x = 8\)

Example 3

a) The amount earned by Shawn every hour is $25. He has earned $100. How plenty of hours did the work?

b) Shawn completesone-eighth that his job-related in 4 hours.How lot of occupational will hecomplete in an hour?


Let us transform the statements into equations and also then solve them utilizing the recognized properties.

a) The complete amount deserve by Shawn is $25

Let his working hrs be denoted by \(x\).

Then, we arrive at the equation \(25 x = 100\)

\<\beginalign\dfrac25 x5 &= \dfrac1005 \text(division property)\\\\5 x &= 20\\\\\dfrac5 x5 &= \dfrac205\,\text(division property)\\\\x &= 4\endalign\>

b. Let us assume the amount of work-related done = \(w\)

Work excellent by Shawn in 4 hours is \(4\times w\)

Work completedby Shawn in 4 hrs is \(\dfrac18\)

\<\beginalign 4 w &= \dfrac18\\\\\dfrac4 w4 &=\dfrac18\div 4 \,\text(division property)\\\\ w &= \dfrac18\times \dfrac14\\\\&=\dfrac132\endalign\>

\(\therefore\) a) Shawn has operated 4 hours. B) Shawn has completed \(\dfrac132\) of his work in one hour.

Interactive Questions

Let's Summarize

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is the distributive residential property of equality?

\(a(b + c) = abdominal + ac\) , where a, b and also c space the actual numbers. This is the circulation of multiplication over addition.

For example,

Left hand side is \(3 (4+5) = 3 \times 9 = 27\)

Right hand side is \( 3 \times 4 = 12\) and \(3 \times 5=15\)

and \(12 + 15 = 27\)

Thus LHS = RHS

2. What is the multiplication home of equality?

If \(a = b\), climate \(ac = bc\) where a, b and also c are the actual numbers. In an equation, wherein \(a = b\),we deserve to multiply both political parties by c to store the equation still balanced. This is the multiplication building of equality.

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3. What are the nature of congruence?

We have actually three properties of congruence:the reflexive residential or commercial property of congruence, the symmetric residential or commercial property of congruence, and also the transitive building of congruence.