While certification in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson mutual a kissing scene through both of she longtime co-stars. In The Deathly Hallows two-parter films, she has actually an on-screen kiss v Daniel Radcliffe and also Rupert Grint. And also although she loves both actors, the kissing scenes were extremely uncomfortable because that Watson.

This is mainly due to the truth that the actors have actually known each other because childhood. Together a result, Watson felt favor she was kissing she brothers.


Still, nevertheless of how much the Potter star wanted to get those lip-locking scenes over with, who does she think is a much better kisser? Radcliffe or Grint?



Rupert green (R), Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson come at the european premiere of bother Potter and also The stimulate Of The Phoenix in ~ Odeon Leicester Square on July 3, 2007 | Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

When it comes to Radcliffe, he stated Watson was “like an animal” throughout their lip-locking scene.

“I’ve just been obtaining into so much trouble through Emma around this since apparently, I said in an interview the she was choose an animal,” Radcliffe said MTV News. “I thought it to be going to it is in a type of a slow, sensual thing, and Emma really went because that it.”

“It is full-on,” Watson stated of your kiss. “Actually, i forgot exactly how full-on the was until I saw the movie. Ns was like, ‘Blimey, where did that come from?"”

“It was kind of weird. It is a little like kissing your sister,” Radcliffe admitted. “I’m no complaining! It was good. It to be vigorous.”

Daniel Radcliffe; Emma Watson; Rupert grint at the bother Potter and The sinner Of Azkaban Premiere | Dave Benett/Getty Images

And apparently, Watson’s kissing scene through Radcliffe was much much better than her scene with Grint.

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“Rupert was the weirdest. Dan wasn’t for this reason bad,” Watson revealed. “Dan and also I might sort of have actually a laugh about it, conversely, Rupert’s a bit more quiet, so i didn’t really understand what he was thinking, which do me a bit more nervous.”

And apparently, the feeling was mutual for Grint.

Rupert grint hated kissing Emma Watson in ‘Harry Potter’

Emma Watson and Rupert grint attend the photocall because that ‘Harry Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix’ top top July 4, 2007 in Paris | Lorenzo Santini/FilmMagic

In Harry Potter and also The Deathly Hallows, the slow-burn romance that finally concerns fruition for Ron and Hermione is incredibly profitable for Harry Potter fans. When they finally kiss, that is therefore gratifying…but because that the actors who play Ron and also Hermione, they wanted nothing more than to get the scene end with.

“I never look back at the scene,” the told world magazine.

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“I’ve known Emma since she to be literally 9-years-old and we had this really brother-sister relationship. It just felt very surreal.”

He continued, saying, “I have actually a memory of her face getting closer and closer like, ‘Oh my god.’ ns can’t yes, really remember anything except that.”