We're every in this together in Disney Channel's stop hit music phenomenon featuring the students of eastern High.

The Cheerleaders of east High institution spiritedly welcome the students ago from winter rest ("Wildcat Cheer"). Gabriella Montez, a brand-new student, speak Taylor McKessie about her ski trip; Gabriella flashes ago to the brand-new Year’s night karaoke dispute where she met trojan Bolton and also they sang a duet together ("Start of other New"). Trojan tells Chad Danforth that he do a new Year’s resolution come ask Gabriella out.

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That morning the students – consisting of Drama club president Sharpay Evans and also her brothers Ryan Evans – conference in homeroom, wherein Ms. Darbus announces the auditions for Juliet and also Romeo, the winter musical written by student Kelsi Nielsen. When Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Troy, Chad, and Taylor use cellphones in class, Ms. Darbus sentences them to detention later on that day. In the hallway after ~ homeroom, Troy and Gabriella room shocked to uncover they now attend the exact same school.

At basketball practice, Coach Bolton operation drills with the Jocks ("Get’cha Head in the Game"), however Troy’s mental strays come his duet v Gabriella. The afternoon, Gabriella demonstrates her knowledge in Ms. Tenny"s chemistry class and Taylor do the efforts to convince her to join the scientific research Decathlon team. Meanwhile, Sharpay and Ryan flower a plan to trick Gabriella right into joining the team to save her from auditioning because that the musical and threatening their stardom. Later, at Ms. Darbus’s detention, Coach Bolton to explode in, trying to find out why his players no at practice, and also finds the college student doing acting exercises.

The theater is buzzing the next afternoon as Thesepians, consisting of James, Susan, Cathy, and also Cyndra audition for the musical ("Auditions"). Sharpay and also Ryan audition for the lead duties with a creative take on a song Kelsi composed for the musical ("What I’ve to be Looking For"). Troy and Gabriella arrive as well late to audition, yet Kelsi motivates them to song her track as written, and the two of them carry out as Ms. Darbus listens indigenous the earlier of the auditorium ("What i’ve Been searching for – Reprise"); she agrees to offer them a callback.

The next morning, Sharpay is furious to see Troy and also Gabriella on the callback list. In the cafeteria, members that the various Cliques room alternately inspired and dismayed in ~ Troy’s transcendence of his clique ("Stick to the status Quo"); Zeke Baylor reveals come the Jocks that he likes come bake, and also Marth Cox tells the Brainiacs that hip-hop is her passion – much to Kratnoff"s dismay.

Escaping the chaos, Gabriella and Troy share your fears and also reminisce about how an easy things provided to be. Meanwhile, the Jocks and also Brainiacs devise a setup to get Troy and also Gabriella to focus on basketball and also the scientific research Decathlon, and Sharpay hatches she own setup to take it them the end of the to run for the musical: She will certainly convince Ms. Darbus that troy is trying come sabotage auditions as revenge for placing him in detention.

Later that afternoon, the Brainiacs shot to to convince Gabriella to concentration on the scientific research Decathlon when the Jocks remind trojan to keep his head in the video game ("Counting top top You"). They put their setup into action by tricking Troy right into saying that Gabriella and also the music don’t median anything to him while secretly broadcasting this proclamation to Gabriella.

The following day, trojan apologizes come Gabriella, and also they decision to take part in the callbacks after ~ all. Their arrangement is complicated when Jack Scott, the school announcer, proclaims that the time of the callbacks has changed. Sharpay had actually succeeded in convincing Ms. Darbus to change the time of the callbacks to conflict with the scientific research Decathlon and championship game. Troy and also Gabriella both say that they will support their teams, however the Jocks and also Brainiacs feeling guilty and devise a brand-new plan to help them do it to callbacks ("We’re all in This Together").

The complying with day, every three occasions unfold at the exact same time ("Bop to the Top"): Sharpay and also Ryan carry out their callback while trojan plays in the championship game and Gabriella competes in the scientific research Decathlon, led by the Moderator. Taylor hacks right into the school’s electric system and shuts down the lights in the gym and also lab to provide Troy and Gabriella a chance to operation to their callback. But when they come at the auditorium, they’re too late.

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However, as soon as the east High students come to rally behind them, Ms. Darbus relents. Sharpay protests, but Ryan reveals her lie to Ms. Darbus. Troy and Gabriella do their call back ("Breaking Free") and get the parts. Troy and also Gabriella go back to their various other competitions, and both teams win! The barriers between the cliques have actually fallen, and every one of the students come together to storage ("We’re all in This together – Reprise, High institution Musical Megamix – Bows").