Hey guys! I'm sure this is a really frequently request question yet I have actually seen so plenty of different answer on the net I'm going to ask below for my final conclusion. Ns bought the Kingdom hearts All-in-One bundle on PSN save including:

Kingdom mind HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX

Kingdom hearts HD 2.8 last Chapter Prologue

Kingdom understanding 3

So this every doesn't call me much except that Kingdom hearts 3 is clear the last one in line. Which order need to I play those games in?

Cheers :)

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Welcome come the series!

First thing you have to know is the those individual gamings (1.5, 2.5 and 2.8) every contain multiple gamings within them.

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You've acquired a variety of different titles to play through!

As a brand-new player, typically the advised play stimulate is this (according come the series' creator Tetsuya Nomura):

Kingdom hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix

KH 1

KH Re: Chain of storage (Takes ar in in between KH 1 and 2)

KH 2

KH 358/2 days (This is a movie that takes place before KH 2 yet it was intended come be play after KH 2 to know the story better)

KH bear by Sleep (This bring away place before KH 1 but you should play the various other titles first to connect what's walking on)

KH Re: Coded (Another movie which happens after KH 2)

Kingdom hearts 2.8 last Chapter Prologue

KH Dream drop Distance

KH X ago Cover (Another movie)

KH 0.2 bear by Sleep (This game is intended as a prologue for KH 3 and also should absolutely be played last)

Kingdom understanding 3 (Can't Wait!!!)

Enjoy! I'm currently playing through the collection again. There's some good games (like KH 2) and also some it s okay ones (like Re:CoM), and the plot can gain a tiny overwhelming in ~ times, yet I urge you to stick v it, it's so rich with an excellent moments, characters and also worlds and the gameplay of some of the games is great :)