I"m replacing my gas dryer with an electric model. Will the present electrical outlet be sufficient for an electric dryer, or do I need to have some rewiring done? The washer plugs into the same receptacle.

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I believe most gas dryers run off of 110v and a 15 -20A circuit. An electric dryer requires 220V and at least 30A.

The present wiring to the gas dryer is not capable of supplying the 110/220v and 30A. It must be upgraded straight from the circuit breaker panel. You will need an electrician to install a new wire and receptacle.


If the electrical outlet behind your dryer looks like a regular household outlet, then the answer is no, that won"t work for an electric dryer. What the previous poster said is true.

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Electric dryers have some advantages.

The purchase price is usually lowerThey are mechanically simplerThey are easier and quicker to installA clogged or restricted vent won"t dump products of combustion back into the house

About the only advantage I can think of for a gas dryer is that its fuel is cheaper - for now.



I can only echo the remarks made here, although I don"t have any direct experience with gas vs electric, I think you should get a price from an electrician before you make your decision - depending on the situation in your house, the rewire might be a major operation and very expensive.

JC, I don"t think of it as a downgrade, actually.

Like everything else involving my old (1860) house, the answer is complicated. The washer and dryer are presently situated in the basement, a.k.a. the dungeon (dirt floor). I"m thinking at some point it would be better for me not to have to navigate those stairs so often, so we"re planning ahead by making the dryer usable on the first floor, where there is no gas line.

We had an electric dryer on the first floor many years ago, but the only outlet at that spot looks like an ordinary one. I plug my hair dryer into it all the time.

I had a new electrical panel put in four years ago. I remember the electrician asking me about appliances at the time, but I don"t know what he did about them, if anything. I"ll call him, and hope he remembers (though I don"t know why he should).

Thanks for your help, everyone.


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