This photograph shows how close Polaris, the north Star, is come the north Celestial Pole. If friend can discover this star in ~ night, you can number out which way is north! (Photo by Giuseppe Donatiello)

In addition to the fact that the big Dipper is so straightforward to find, another reason this asterism is for this reason widely recognized is that it helps human being find north. Look at the above illustration of the 2 bears. The 2 stars at the finish of the “bowl” of the big Dipper suggest to Polaris, the phibìc Star. Polaris likewise happens to be the end of the tail that the tiny Dipper, yet it is much less complicated to discover the huge Dipper first.

In the critical photograph, you deserve to see every the stars rotating roughly the north Celestial Pole. Polaris is likewise shown for this reason you can see how close the is to lining up v the pole. If girlfriend can discover Polaris at night you can number out what direction you are going.

Since the huge Dipper rotates about Polaris, you can use its place to almost right what time that is! this is an article on how to do your an extremely own star clock. Try it the end if you walk camping or simply in your own backyard.

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Just shot not come disturb any wildlife the may additionally be out at night, like a real bear!

Also remember once you are looking at the stars the it is funny to look because that constellations that other world recognize, yet it is additionally fun come look for your very own patterns in the stars. Possibly you deserve to write your own story from what you watch in the stars and send it to us!