Fedwire Routing

Name:Citizens Bank, nationwide Association
Telegraphic Name:RBS CITIZENS, N.A.

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All Routing number of Citizens bank Na

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
011500120YYRiverside, RICitizens Bank, national Association
021313103YYRiverside, RICitizens financial institution Na
031101143YYRiverside, RICitizens Bank
036076150YYRiverside, RICitizens Bank, national Association
221370030YYRiverside, RICitizens financial institution Na
222371054YYRiverside, RICitizens bank Na
241070417YYRiverside, RICitizens bank Na
271071321YYRiverside, RICitizens bank Na
011001331YNRiverside, RICitizens bank Na
011304517YNRiverside, RICitizens financial institution Na
011401533YNRiverside, RICitizens bank Na
011601443YNRiverside, RICitizens Access, Div. Of citizens Bk
021372940YNHudson, MAAvidia Bank
044015831YNRiverside, RIAvidia Bank
072402076YNRiverside, RICitizens financial institution Na
211070175YNRiverside, RICitizens bank Na
211170114YNRiverside, RICitizens financial institution Na
211574613YNRiverside, RICitizens bank Na
231373069YNRiverside, RICitizens Bank, national Association
236074619YNRiverside, RICitizens Bank, national Association

A routing number is a nine digit code, offered in the United says to identify the gaue won institution. Routing numbers are used by commonwealth Reserve banks to process Fedwire accumulation transfers, and ACH(Automated Clearing House) straight deposits, invoice payments, and also other automatically transfers. The routing number deserve to be found on your check.

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