IT"S about 32 levels out, not certain if the matters. As soon as I went to start my 2007 Chrysler Sebring it simply clicked a couple of times, however wouldn"t start What might be the problem?



In general, vehicle batteries don"t favor cold weather

Especially if they space weak/considerably discharged. The cooler the exterior temperature is, the lesser the amperage the battery will be able to deliver. This results in slower turning speeds, i beg your pardon if major enough, will an outcome in the audible clicking that shows the starter engine is unable to rotate the engine.

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Clicking usually argues the battery doesn"t have enough power to turn over the starter motor. Check the battery voltage, or try getting a run from another vehicle.


My main commuter car is a Chrysler Sebring 2001. I have heard that "clicking" sound enough times end the years. The problem is very likely a weakly charged battery. Get a cheap portable jumper because that the instant problem. Finest thing in the long run is to obtain a $20 to $30 "Battery tender Jr." i beg your pardon is a block that trickle charges her car"s lead acid battery from her home"s AC power. It has actually firmware that specifically problems the lead mountain battery also helping to prolong the lead mountain battery"s life. Lead acid batteries execute not choose to be completely discharged and actually it is in chemically damaged shortening their life.


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after ~ driving for a bit the auto splutters when I fight the gas until I fight harder climate it stops, add to other issues
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