(a) Chlorine atom (Cl) has atomic number 17. It has 17 protons and 17 electrons.

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Chlorine ion (Cl-) is developed when Cl profit one electron.

So, Cl- has actually 18 electrons and also 17 protons.

Therefore, the digital configuration of Cl- = 2, 8, 8.

(b) Atomic number of Cl- = variety of protons = 17

Mass variety of Cl- will certainly be the very same as Cl i.e. 35.

(c) Valency is characterized as the combining capacity of an atom.

for a non-metallic element, it is same to eight minus the number of electrons existing in outermost shell.

Here, Cl- has actually 8 electron in the outermost shell, thus valency that Cl- = 8 - 8 = 0


(a) (i) 5 is the atom number.

10 is the atomic mass number.

(ii) number of neutrons = mass number - atomic number

= 10 - 5

= 5

(b) allow the percentage of

 will it is in (100 - y)


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