We have actually just regulated to publication a really affordable flight for our summer vacation to Hilton Head indigenous the UK. However, rather of landing at our usual airport of Savannah, the is landing in Charlotte (it was so worth it for the conserving of roughly $350 dollars every head). We now need to drive come Hilton Head and I to be wondering if using the I77 come Lexington and then going on to the 321 might be a more interesting drive 보다 the I77 complied with by the I26 and also then I95 route?

All comment welcome :-)


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321 would certainly be less hassle 보다 I26/I95 and traffic top top I95 can be brutal. 321 is a satisfied 2 and also 4 lane roadway through greatly rural areas with a couple of small towns along the way. My suffer is the it moves well with mostly local traffic. That would be mine vote. I would caution you come watch and also obey posted speed borders carefully. Her drive time should be about 5 hours.

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That sounds good Stevedec. Ns guess the I77 to Lexington is probably the best way to execute the an initial leg the the journey?

Yes, the different to I77 is 321, but there space some towns and also you'd need to make your way through Columbia. I'm not totally familiar v the I77 / I26 intersection, i beg your pardon looks like it might be a little tricky. Just look for the signage come 321 south, which is sort of component of the same intersection..

A little means down 321, you'll pass v Swansea, which ns think might actually be called for the city in the UK, but I don't know the basis because that that. Probably a good photo op.

Steve's right, the I-77 come Hwy 321 intersection can be tricky. I'm not sure just how a general practitioners unit would overview you, however IMO the easiest method is to let I-77 south merge girlfriend onto I-26 South. About 3 miles after you unify onto I-26, take the very first exit (Exit 119, Hwy 176). At the height of the exit ramp, turn LEFT onto Hwy 176. In around 1.5 miles, in ~ the traffic light, rotate LEFT ~ above Hwy 321 South. It must be smooth cruising from there.

That course looks longer only guessing it will be smaller sized roads. If your automobile did have actually mechanical issues, the interstate would have the highway patrol to assist you. Interstate path is faster and a couple of miles longer. We haven't do the efforts the path you suggested, always took the interstate route and then highway 378 ? into HHI.

If time is no object, then look at Amtrack indigenous Charlotte come Savannah. Simply a suggestion,,

Thanks all for your contributions. We will have a rental car and also hopefully no mechanical problems. We can't get Into our rental accommodation until 4pm therefore no rush. We can need a lunch break somewhere and also a BBQ of some kind can be good. Suggestions welcome.

You stated the magic word; BBQ is one of my main addictions. Unfortunately, i don't take trip Hwy 321 very often, so i don't recognize the neighborhood spots along that road. The website I favor for locating BBQ once I'm ~ above the road ( http://top100bbq.com/ ) lists two along her route. Sounds prefer Countryside may be the closest to Hwy 321. Disclaimer: I have actually not tried one of two people one. Both serve mustard-style sauce, which is native to SC, however is not my favorite. I've included links below to both of 'em. Caution: countless of the true regional BBQ joints are just open roughly weekends, and maybe Thursday or Friday. I'd contact ahead come check. I've additionally included a attach to SC's BBQ follow website, i m sorry maps good BBQ anywhere our state. Happy Trails!




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9.Re: journey from Charlotte NC to HHI
5 years ago
Over the holidays we were visiting family in Charlotte. Ns took 321 come Hilton Head due to the fact that the interstate highways wherein at a standstill in plenty of places. I77 to be fine however I26 and I95 room ridiculous during holidays. It's around 2 hours from Columbia come Hardeeville the route. That adds about fifty percent an hour, but one destructive on I26 or I95 can make it a quicker trip. Certainly much more pleasant. Several cotton fields, pecan trees and also farms follow me the way.

The last I-77 exit prior to you unify onto I-26 south is leave #1. Just take that departure up come the intersection with 321 in ~ the website traffic light and turn left. Monitor the indications for HW 321 every the method to Hardeeville SC and use your gps from over there if possible. There are brief cuts across Hardeeville to HW 278 but the easiest route for newbies is simply keep straight and also take I-95 north to leave #8 for Hilton Head. It's only 3 miles and one leave north.

There are a many of tiny towns on HW 321 and the speed limit drops to 35 plenty of times. Carry out not exceed the rate limit or you will get captured and aid fill the local treasury!

Consider exactly how ironic the is once you with the town of "North, southern Carolina" and it's not also on the north end of the state ;). Friend will additionally pass with Sweden and also Denmark.

There room no public remainder rooms various other than a very few gas stations, a Wendy's and Burger King in Gaston and also a Hardees in Swansea. There room a couple of Dollar Generals along the way. Good for snacks, drinks and also rest rooms. Denmark is about mid-way native Columbia and also is the largest town follow me the way. That's most likely your ideal bet for food. Inspect google maps. There was a Chinese place on one corner. There were a pair of diners along the method but lock all appeared closed end the holiday.

You can want to just stop in Columbia because that lunch. Fatz cafe is an extremely good. Get the Calabash Chicken Tenders. If you want really southern cooking, inspect out Lizard Thicket, a neighborhood Columbia chain. You deserve to google every one of these.

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Most rural SC BBQ joints are only open Thu-Sat. If you are looking for great BBQ, go inspect out Bullies and One warm Mamas on HHI (daily) and also Dukes BBQ in Beaufort (Thu-Sat). Top top your way back to Charlotte you might hit Dukes in Walterboro or Orangeburg.