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I have actually an 06 cool Prix and also I acquire a " Charging device failure" post on my post center. When I get the article My car acts favor the battery is dead and won"t start. I have had actually the battery tested and also it exam good. What else could caus ethis error message?


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dirty or negative grounds, or the alt is deserve to have the tested together well. Test the battery volts vehicle running, and also off, when running you have to see 13 to 14 volts or a little bit more. Turn off no much less then 12 can also have the battery pack tested. Not certain if they did the for the bat test.
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The battery was loaded tested and showed fine. When this happens it starts appropriate away when its jumped. Likewise if I have actually the key in ACC setting it will carry out it also.
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her charging mechanism is supposedly not functioning correctly, and your battery is supplying all of the strength to the auto even when running. Either her grounds room dirty like scotty said(rather i can not qualify if there to be no symptoms till this point) or your alternator has stopped functioning. I"d imply to inspect system voltage if the automobile is running to make certain it"s 13.5-15 volts. If friend can"t carry out that, development or another auto parts store will if you can get the vehicle there.
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If its come the point where your auto doesn"t want to start, then yes, that sounds favor the alternator is top top its method out. I gained this message 2 or 3 times end the last 2 years, however it was due to a momentary overcharge.