Francesca Annis, Lisa Dillon, kris O"Dowd, Dominic Rowan and also Catherine Tate space to star in the West end premiere the David Eldridge"s Under The Blue sky which will open at the battle each other of York"s Theatre ~ above 25 July, with previews native 15 July, and also is at this time booking till 20 September 2008. Command by Anna Mackmin, Under The Blue sky is draft by Lez Brotherston with lighting by mark Henderson and also sound through Paul Arditti, and also is developed in the West finish by Sonia Friedman Productions and Robert G. Bartner. Final spreading will it is in announced shortly.

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Under The Blue sky is a funny and also touching pat - 3 subtly associated love story that reveal consequently the roller-coaster drive of lust in that is prime, the sacrifices of a life in windy service and unrequited passions. In the long shadow that the twenty century, Eldridge"s play provides us an all as well recognisable portrayal the the means in which uncertainties, misunderstanding and also the unsaid cause unexpected outcomes for 3 couples that seem destined never to speak the ideal thing.

Francesca Annis (Anne) has most freshly been seen on tv as Lady Ludlow in the BBC"s award-winning Cranford, a function she will certainly reprise in a two part Christmas special in 2009. She last stage appearance in the West finish was the opposite Joseph Fiennes in Epitaph because that George Dillon in ~ the Comedy Theatre. Her other theatre credits encompass The Glass Menagerie because that the door Theatre Dublin, Henry IV and also The Vortex for the Donmar Warehouse, Ibsen"s Ghosts, the title role in Hedda Gabler for Chichester Festival Theatre, mrs Klein for The national Theatre and also Rosmersholm for the Young Vic. Her countless film credits incorporate Revolver, The Libertine, Onegin and Lady Macbeth in roman inn Polanski"s Macbeth. On tv her credits include the critically acclaimed Wives and also Daughters because that the BBC, woman Eyre, miss out on Marple, Copenhagen, mam Bovary and also Onassis: The Richest male in the world in i beg your pardon she play Jacqueline Kennedy.

Lisa Dillon"s (Helen) theatre credits include present Laughter and The Hour us Knew naught of Each various other for The national Theatre, duration of Adjustment and also Hedda Gabler for The Almeida Theatre, she played Desdemona in Othello because that the royal Shakespeare firm and for she performance as Hilda Wangel in The understand Builder at the Albery Theatre she won the Ian Charleson Award and also the Critics" Circle many Promising freshman Award. Her various other theatre credits include The Cherry Orchard, as You like It and also Iphigenia, which was directed by Anna Mackmin, because that Sheffield Theatres. Her film credits include Bright Young Things. On tv she has actually recently been watched in the BBC"s award-winning Cranford as mar Smith. Also for the BBC she has been watched in Hawking and Cambridge Spies.

Chris O"Dowd (Nick), finest known for his performance together Roy in Channel 4"s hit comedy series The that Crowd, is making his West end stage debut in Under The Blue Sky. Previously his tv credits include the hugely well-known BBC comedy collection Roman"s Empire and The Clinic for the RTE and also Doc Martin, The impressive Mrs Pritchard, The Year London go out Up, Red Cap and Showbands. On film his credits incorporate Vera Drake, typically Asked Questions about Time Travel, Hippie Hippie Shake, exactly how To lose Friends and Alienate People and also Festival because that which he won a Scottish BAFTA for his role as stand-up comedian Tommy O"Dwyer.

Dominic Rowan"s (Graham) phase credits encompass A trip Round my Father and also Lobby Hero because that the Donmar Warehouse, means to heaven for the royal Court, Happy Now?, A Dream Play, Mourning i do not care Electra, talk Cure, three Sisters, exclusive Lives and Iphigenia in ~ Aulis for The nationwide Theatre and also The vendor of Venice, 2 Gentlemen that Verona and Talk the the City because that the royal Shakespeare Company. His television credits encompass Catwalk Dogs, Trial and Retribution, The Lavender List, quiet Witness, The Tenant that Wildfell Hall, lost World, Swallow, Emma and North Square. On movie his credits incorporate Peter Greenaway"s Tulse Luper"s Suitcases.

Multi award-winning Catherine Tate (Michelle) returns to the West finish in Under The Blue Sky. She theatre credits incorporate Neil LaBute"s some Girls at The Gielgud Theatre, The 24 Hour Plays at the Old Vic and also on Broadway, The Exonerated at Riverside Studios, A servant to 2 Masters for the imperial Shakespeare firm and The Prince"s Play and also The method of the people for The national Theatre. After playing Donna Noble opposite David Tennant in the BBC"s physician Who Christmas Special, Tate has actually reprised the duty of the Doctor"s Companion because that the fourth series which can currently be watched on BBC1. Her acclaimed tv sketch present The Catherine Tate show has seen three hugely successful series on the BBC. Her film credits include Mrs Ratcliffe"s Revolution, Starter for Ten, Sixty Six and Scenes that a sexual Nature.

David Eldridge"s work has Incomplete and also Random acts of Kindness i beg your pardon premiered at The imperial Court Theatre, M.A.D. And Serving it Up because that the bush Theatre, Fighting for Breath and also A Week through Tony because that the Finborough Theatre, and Market boy for The national Theatre. In 2004 Eldridge"s multi award-winning phase adaptation the Festen opened at The Almeida Theatre and also later transferred to the West End and then come Broadway. He has additionally written brand-new versions that Ibsen"s The Wild Duck and John Gabriel Borkman both of which were created by the Donmar Warehouse. His radio plays encompass Salford, Ilford, Romford and all Stations come Southend and Michael and Me.

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Anna Mackmin return to the West finish where she most recently command David Storey"s In Celebration. She made her nationwide Theatre directorial debut with Burn, Citizenship and also Chatroom. Because that the Almeida she has actually directed the critically acclaimed manufacturing of Dying for It and also Charlotte Jones" The Lightning Play. Her other theatre productions encompass Ghosts because that the gate Theatre, breath Corpses and Food Chain because that the imperial Court, The Dark for the Donmar Warehouse, Auntie and also Me at Wyndham"s Theatre, In Flame for the Bush and the new Ambassadors and Cloud Nine, The Crucible and Iphigenia every for Sheffield Crucible.

 Under The Blue Sky obtained its people premiere in ~ the imperial Court Jerwood Theatre maximum ground in September 2000, directed by Rufus Norris. 

Lisa Dillon and also Chris O" Dowd
Francesca Annis and also Nigel Lindsay
Catherine Tate and also Michael Rowan