absolutely the poster boy for drug recommendation fantasy stories, walk Lewis Carroll ever before reveal simply what his 3 inch lengthy blue "Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar" character smoked in his balloon pipe while providing advice to Alice in 1865"s "Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland", or to be it left as much as our collective imagination?



Hookahs room designed different than bongs. Quite than light the problem on fire you use coals to warmth the substance.

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Most hookahs are supplied to acting flavored tobacco fairly than marijuana, but due come the chemicals and the shear volume of smoke a person have the right to consume over cigarette smoking a cigarette, the results are quite various than constant smoking. Although mine "stoner" friends speak it to be "pot" the caterpillar was smoking, I have no reason to think it was anything various other than the common substance they provided in a hooka back then and also today.

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Your concern sent me off to read around the background of marijuana cigarette smoking in England, though i haven"t discovered much trusted information. Native Wikipedia I could find a study, motivated by certain phrases used by Shakespeare in the 16th/17th century, finding traces of three in pipes hidden in Shakespeare"s home town:

Why compose I still every one, ever before the same, and also keep invention in a noted weed, Shakespeare, Sonnet 76

However, also if this does suggest that marijuana usage wasn"t unknown in England before Carrol"s work (which that does really weakly) the still doesn"t suggest that Lewis Carrol self smoked marijuana (despite very flaky cases such as the fifth paragraph here), or the he to be familiar sufficient with the habit to insert it right into his fairly hallucinogenic fantasy world.

Some googling because that "lewis carrol marijuana" and also variants thereof led me to plenty of "Was Lewis Carrol advocating marijuana usage?" pages, but virtually all to be on marijuana and also cannabis advocacy sites the don"t even try to present any type of evidence (see right here or here).

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In short, since tobacco smoking was well-known and popular in victorian England, and the hookah was becoming known ~ the occupation of India, I check out no reason to i think cannabis remained in the caterpillar"s hookah.

That is not to speak that proof for other hallucinogenic drugs can"t it is in found. This is simply my 15 minutes" worth of research. :)