Love this time of the year as soon as you have to dress “in between” seasons.

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It is so fun for fashion!

Coats room still here yet in a lighter version, you deserve to use slim layers, skip the sweaters…

Not prepared to get rid of tights yet however eager to wear your open-toed shoes?

The is THE perfect minute to shot this debated fashion combo i m sorry is the “tights in open-toe shoes”.

The question is no an ext “can we perform it”? us can.

Alexa Chung showed being the jedi grasp of this style in addition to many various other fashionistas and stylists.

The concern I am comment today, my little padawans, will be how to do it and also look great.

I. The don’t

Super summery shoes

By this i mean any type of shoes that perform not look metropolitan enough and also have a bit of a countryside feeling.

The an initial thing you shall be careful about is the fabric.

Forget around rope soles and also natural fancy leather.

I’ll make an exception for the wood clogs, which, I perform not know why, regulate to at some point look an excellent with tights..

Tights v a noticeable seam

Your tights, if no opaque, may have a remarkable seam in ~ the sheet of the toes.

It does not look chic to watch it.

Either you acquire seamless tights or friend make sure the seam is no to it is in seen. Friend know, tuck the under her foot single ^^

Flat open up toed shoes

Honestly, even if girlfriend can control an agree look with some really urban open-toed ballet flat, it’ll never ever look “wow” anyway.

And 99% of the various other looks that complement flat open-toed shoes and also tights look at ugly.

I luckily could not find numerous pictures to prove my point (saving my bad eyes), so you’ll need to trust me top top this.

Of course, as always, I never ever say never. Maybe in the future some genius stylist will come with such a combo that will look stylish.

Note the the Bircks and also tights pairing that we saw the years before IS NOT good looking (at least to mine taste) also if part ladies acquired streetstyled because that this.

Worn out shoes

Tights and also open-toes evoke fashion fashion and also refinement.

They execute not work with worn-out shoes.

(To it is in honest, virtually nothing works v worn-out shoes except if we room talking sneakers or sort of grunge spring shoes.)

Bonus: my little “gift” for you

I know you simply love when i give ideal examples the what perform not perform ^^

So below is a distinct treat, due to the fact that she achieved to get all the four previously mentioned don’ts in just one outfeet (no spelling mistake here, type of proud of my neologism).


super summery shoes: honestly these shoes room meant to be worn bare feet in the middle of summer. See just how sad they look? Looks prefer they are screaming “free the toes from the tights oppression!”. And you execute not want your pair of shoes to begin rebelling versus you don’t you?

tights with a remarkable seam: sure you spotted it.

flat open-toed shoes: obviously.

worn the end shoes: obviously.


II. The do’s 

Now, some eye-soothener.

A. Choose the appropriate tights

Opaque tights

Opaque tights are the easiest option to be stylish v this tricky mix.

To be certain not come make any kind of mistake, go for the black opaque ones.

They’ll match any advanced pair the open-toed shoes: fragile jewel favor sandals, chunky sandals and peep-toes pumps.


Giovanna Battaglia most likely by The Sartorialist

If you are comfortable through colors and also pattern mixes, you can find a much more daring match.


Dries van Noten feather 2016

Want personalized style advices? reach me for distance styling or an individual shopping!

Wool tights 

With those, make sure the shoes are not too frilly.

I can snapshot sandals through chunky straps way better than breakable ones of peep-toes pumps.

Of food fashion editorial will perform those type of mix. Girlfriend may have spotted part ladies who got street styled through nike socks follow me with jewel sandals. Real life vs fashion life. Good point crazy fashion people exist, castle are an imaginative and frequently come the end with great stuff come wear. At some point they also, well, come up v crazy stuffs ^^



See-trough tights

Like sheer tights or fishnet tights.

First, as discussed in the don’t, friend shall not have the ability to see the toe seam.

Second, most times, the much less toe you can spot the far better it’ll work.


Pandora display screens no much more than two little toes v those sandals


Same here

B. Select the proper open-toed shoes

Chunky sandals

They shall be urban.

By that I average shoes you feeling belong come the city and also could no be worn in a field. And also yes, even if you might not walk with them in the said field, cord communication shoes, feel prefer they might belong there.

They’ll look good with opaque black color or fancy tights, see-trough tights and also eventually wool tights.


Vintage Tommy Ton circa 2007 (I estimated the time duration according to the Balenciagas)

You could try the clogs through a wooden sole though. You may even try the wool tights combo. But it’s a fail, please perform not complain if girlfriend are requested to gard that amount ^^

Delicate sandals

I median super innovative delicate sandals through thin straps.

They frequently look exceptional with tights.

Choose opaque black color or see-trough tights for them.


Zoom top top Sparks album cover “the number one song in heaven“, 1979


The peep toe are very urban pumps.

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They do not display screen lots of toes so you deserve to go because that any form of tights other than for the wool tight i m sorry would develop a bulk.

Et voilà! all set to absent tights and open-toes shoes like a fashion queen?

Cover collage: my friend Claire’s nice feet by Roman Bonnery, Alexa Chung