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just how do I usage my Gift Card?

If your Walmart Visa Gift card ("the Card") was purchased prior to April 1st, 2013, simply present it come the merchant, select the "credit" payment option and sign the sale receipt. If your Card to be purchased after ~ April 1st, 2013,you might still usage the "credit" payment option, or girlfriend may pick the "debit" payment option and also use the last 4 digits of her Card together your personal Identification Number (PIN).

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Where can I usage my Gift Card?

usage your Walmart Visa Gift Card almost everywhere Visa debit cards are embraced in the fifty (50) states of the unified States and also the ar of Columbia, not included Puerto Rico and also the other United claims territories. The Card might not be offered at any kind of merchant, including Internet and also mail or telephone stimulate merchants, external of the United claims or the district of Columbia. The Card might not be welcomed at vendors that require manual Card imprints.

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What must I do when I obtain my Gift Card?

create down your Card number and also the Customer business number top top a separate item of file in instance your card is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

her Card is instantly activated as soon as it is purchased.

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Why can"t I it is registered my Gift Card?

Please look in ~ the ago of her Card to identify the issuing bank.

Gift Cards approve by environment-friendly Dot Bank and also Sunrise Banks, N.A. Room not obtainable for sale in new Hampshire or Vermont. Citizens of these states will not have the ability to register the Gift Card. If you reside in one of these states, you can obtain a refund noted that the initial balance on the Card has actually not changed.

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How deserve to I discover out my card balance?

friend can check your balance for totally free at any type of Walmart register, digital at www.sdrta.net, or by calling united state at 1-866-633-9096 using the Automated call System.

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exactly how do ns make purchases online?

part merchants may require the you register your card at www.sdrta.net prior to making one internet, mail, or phone bespeak purchase. The information you carry out during registration should be the exact same as the details you carry out to the merchant, otherwise your transaction might be declined.

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just how do i pay for an object which costs much more than the balance on mine Gift Card?

to purchase an item that costs an ext than the balance of your Card, you must administer a 2nd payment technique – such as cash, check or credit card – to pay because that the difference. Let the cashier recognize in advancement how much you would like to pay through each form of payment. Not all merchants will expropriate two forms of payment.

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can I use my Gift map at gas stations?

Yes, however you must pay within the Gas Station. You cannot use your map to pay at the pump.

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deserve to I use my Gift map internationally?

No. The Gift Card have the right to only be used in the fifty (50) claims of the unified States and also the district of Columbia, not included Puerto Rico and also the various other United says territories.

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can I use my Gift card for recurring billing?

No. Your Card cannot be offered for recurring billing.

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deserve to I transfer the balance or funds from my Gift card to an additional Card or account?

funds on the Card space not transferable to an additional Card or account.

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deserve to I retract cash at ATM or POS locations with mine Gift Card?

No. The card cannot be offered for cash withdrawals.

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Does my Walmart Visa Gift Card have actually a pen number?

If the Walmart Visa Gift map was purchased ~ April 1st, 2013, her PIN is the last 4 digits of her Card number. However, there is no ATM access, and also no cash back. If the Walmart Visa Gift map was purchase beforeApril 1st, 2013, it does not have a pin number and also cannot be used at locations that call for the use of a PIN.

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Why is the seller seeking authorization for much more than what is on my receipt?

certain merchants may ask us to authorize the transaction in advance and may estimate the last value. Because that example, a restaurant may ask united state to authorize a payment 20% over your full bill to cover any tip amount. The yes, really amount you pay will not exceed the quantity of the bill plus the tip included by friend (the tip amount is at your discretion). The early stage authorization will remain on your Card till the yes, really transaction is post to your Card, which can take approximately 10 days.

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What do I execute if my map is declined?

If your Card is declined, friend should examine your balance one of two people at www.sdrta.net or by calling united state at 1-866-633-9096.

If friend have enough funds remaining on her Card, please consider that the seller may be adding a guideline or some various other amount to the transaction total. You might ask the seller to authorize a particular dollar amount, yet the seller may no agree to your request. Additionally, please remember that your card cannot be supplied for cash withdrawals, gambling, recurring payments, or paying at the gas pump.

If you do not have adequate funds, see ar "How execute I salary for things which costs more than the balance on my Gift Card".

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What if I need to return an object I purchased making use of the Gift Card?

Return the item to the seller you originally purchased that from. The merchant should article a credit to her Gift Card.

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What if my Card has actually expired?

You can request a instead of Card online at www.sdrta.net or through calling us at 1-866-633-9096.

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What if my card was shed or stolen?

If you think your Card has actually been shed or stolen, speak to us at 1-866-633-9096 as quickly as possible. You must have the map number, 3 digit defense code and expiration day to report your Card shed or stolen.

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What perform I do if I have actually a question or think there is one error on mine Card?

In situation of errors or questions about your card, complete our dispute type and us will do our finest to assist you through your issue, or create to united state at Walmart Gift card Customer Care, PO box 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117. Compose to united state as soon as you have the right to if you think an error has emerged in her card account. Us must enable you to report one error till 60 days after the earlier of: (i) the date you electronically accessed her account, provided the error can be perceived in the electronic history; or (ii) the day we sent the first written background on which the error appeared. You might request a written background of her transactions at any time by writing us at Written background Request, PO crate 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117. Once notifying us, you will need to tell us: (i) her name and card number; (ii) why you think there is one error, and also the dollar quantity involved; and (iii) approximately when the error took place.

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once your written conflict has to be received, us will recognize whether an error arisen within thirty (30) service days after we hear from you and also will correct any type of error promptly. If we need much more time, however, we may take up to forty five (45) days to inspection your complain or question. If we decide to perform this, us will educate you verbally or in writing. If us ask friend to put your complain or inquiry in writing and you execute not provide it in ~ ten (10) business days that the day of the transaction in error, we might not credit transaction your Card. We will certainly tell girlfriend the results within three (3) service days after completing the investigation. If us decide that there was no error, we will send friend a written explanation. Copies of the files used in the investigation may be derived by contacting us at the phone call number or address provided at the beginning of this section.

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can I reload my Gift Card?

No. Your Gift card is no reloadable.

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What are the fees linked with the Gift Card?

Purchase fees
$25 Walmart Visa Gift map $3.44
$50 Walmart Visa Gift card $3.94
$100 Walmart Visa Gift map $5.44
$200 Walmart Visa Gift card $5.44
$25-$500 Walmart Visa Gift card $5.44 or much less
Monthly maintenance Fee after ~ you do not do a acquisition with the Walmart Visa Gift card for 12 continuous months. If her Card to be issued by green Dot bank or Sunrise Banks, N.A., this fee is no applicable. you re welcome look in ~ the ago of your Card to determine which financial institution issued your Card.

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What are the worths in which I can purchase a Gift Card?

The Walmart Visa Gift map comes in various fixed denominations and variable denominations in between $25-$500.

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exactly how do I acquisition the Walmart Visa Gift Card?

You can purchase the Walmart Visa Gift map in participating Walmart locations. For a ar near you, you re welcome visit www.sdrta.net.

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how do ns close mine Gift Card?

come close your Gift Card, just spend down the funds to a $0 balance.

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What if i spent every one of the funds on the Card?

Once all of the funds on the Card have been spent, the map cannot be offered for other purchases. If you room sure you will not return any products purchased through the Gift Card, us recommend you safely damage the Card.

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Where can I uncover the card Number for my Card?

your Card number is the 16 digit number situated on the former of her Card.

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Where have the right to I discover the protection Code because that my Gift Card?

Your defense Code is the three digit number located on the signature dashboard on the ago of her Card. That is also sometimes referred to as a CVV number.

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This map is approve by environment-friendly Dot Bank, Members FDIC, pursuant come a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The usage of this map is topic to the terms of your Cardholder Agreement. Green Dot corporation NMLS identifier 914924.

usage your Walmart Visa Gift Card everywhere Visa debit cards are welcomed in the fifty (50) claims of the unified States and the district of Columbia, not included Puerto Rico and the various other United claims territories. The Card may not be used at any merchant, consisting of Internet and mail or telephone stimulate merchants, outside of the United says or the district of Columbia. The Card may not be accepted at sellers that require manual Card imprints.

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