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‘Perm’ may be short for ‘permanent,’ but the hairstyle’s expectancy varies an ext than you might think. A perm commonly lasts 3 to 6 months, relying on your hair form and just how well you take treatment of it.

The meeting is a long process, too, frequently lasting almost everywhere from one to five hours.

The main thing you must remember is the your hair have to remain dry and relatively untouched for the first 48 hours after her perm. As Elle Woods claims in “Legally Blonde”: that “the first cardinal dominion of perm maintenance.”

Several things have the right to wreck or expand your perm.

Although you deserve to opt because that a DIY perm, a agree hairstylist has much more curl-setting expertise and also a better knowledge the the chemicals used.

Your dedication to perm maintenance likewise plays a role. Avoid warm styling and also products containing alcohol or silicone wherever possible to store your perm intact.

Last yet not least, think about your day-to-day routine, specifically if she a gym hare or avid swimmer. Chlorinated water deserve to have terrible effects on perms, and also sweat and humidity can result in frizz.

Two main species of perm exist: digital and also ceramic. Both use a mix of chemistry — to break and also reform the bond of the hair — and also rods to specify how the in its entirety perm will certainly look.

Different-sized rods are provided to develop distinct curl forms on various hair lengths. The rod placement affects the curl structure and also location.

Digital, or hot, perms use a heated approach. The method involves molding the hair using heated rods and dousing it in one acidic equipment that breaks the disulfide bonds in your hair.

The ceramic, or cold, perm supplies no heat and a less damaging alkaline solution.

Cold perms will give tight, vintage-looking curls, while hot perms tend to look an ext natural. Both approaches end with the applications of a neutralizer come lock in the curls.

Perm typeHow that doneWho gets itResultsMaintenance level
Body wave warm approach; hair is wrapped roughly larger rollers often placed in a nonuniform pattern for a natural result civilization who desire natural-looking, identified curls; appropriate for those who hair tends to look at limp Soft, loose, and also natural-looking tide tiny maintenance required; use low come medium heat styling on rarely occasions
Multi-textured hot approach; two different-sized rods are provided to plunder hair people who want organic bouncy curls; ideal suited to those with lengthy hair Natural-looking curls of differing tightness short maintenance, despite you have to invest in moisturizing assets
Partial Hot technique where only the end of the hair are curled ideal for those with medium to long hair who want a controlled style natural top and mid-section and voluminous end very low maintain
Root Cold approach: two to four inches that the hair nearest the scalp is permed, leaving the rest organic people who want a little of extra volume in ~ the roots Adds body to the roots but leaves the rest of the hair fully natural only lasts a few weeks, so tiny maintenance forced
Spot hot or cold approach: Rods are put in specific locations, relying on where curl is compelled world who don’t have naturally uniform curls or who want curls in a particular place (e.g., roots or ends) only a certain section the the hair is permed; Curls deserve to be one of two people tight or loose, escape on personal preference low maintenance, if hot strategy used; Deep conditioning commodities will aid
Stacked warm approach: Rollers of varying sizes added to middle and also bottom part of hair civilization who have actually hair cut in one solitary length, rather than layers; ideal for medium to long hair Hair is left level on top, when curls create illusion of layers small maintenance required; use conditioning lotions as advised by hairstylist
Straight Hair is doused in a straightening solution to break cystine bonds, climate coated in plastic and also left under a heater before being washed, dried, and straightened as soon as again Those with naturally curly or wavy hair who desire a stick-straight look at completely straight hair that’ll last for roughly three months Slightly much more maintenance than other perms; have to resist treating or touching hair for as much as 72 hours afterwards to protect against kinks; air conditioning treatments required
Twist/Spiral Cold approach: long and also thin curling rods set vertically in hair Works ideal on hair at the very least eight inches lengthy Retro-style curls of varying sizes and also lengths medium to high maintenance with styling products required

Other state to know

Rod. The tool provided to curl each individual ar of hair. Rods come in assorted sizes, v thicker designs offering looser waves and also thinner layouts resulting in tighter curls.Neutralizer. This equipment is used toward the end of the perming process. That rebonds hair and brings its pH level earlier to normal, finishing the curl-setting procedure.

Most perms don’t come cheap. Intend to pay between $30 and also $150, depending upon the kind of perm friend want. Part stylists may charge more. You should additionally factor a minimum 20 percent tip for her stylist into your all at once cost.

Preparing to have actually a perm means taking the moment to prepare your hairstylist, too. Visit your liked salon v photos of your ideal style. Her hairstylist can then ensure your hair kind will occupational with the perm you want and also leave friend satisfied with your new curly appearance.

Your stylist will give you more detailed information, but general indict suggest:

In the month leading as much as your appointment, stop from dying or highlighting her hair.Don’t touch her hair at all 24 hrs prior.

If her hair becomes too dry and frizzy, your perm might suffer irreversible damages that deserve to only be solved by the passage of time.

Here’s a couple of ways to store those curls locked in because that months.

Get her hair cut regularly. Curls come to be less pronounced through hair growth. Mental to publication a haircut every 3 to four months to save your perm in tip-top condition.Avoid chemistry treatments. Wait at least a month after your perm prior to applying any further chemicals to your hair.

Does obtaining a perm hurt your hair?

A perm isn’t together detrimental to her hair health and wellness as bleaching. Yet the process may weaken and dry strands, according to a PeerJ study. If you already have damaged hair, you might be much more prone come a brittle feeling or even breakage.

Does her hair form or texture matter?

Perms will work-related on many hair varieties and textures. Those v thicker and also slightly wavy hair may discover the procedure easier. Thin and also stick-straight hair will frequently require professional help.

Does her hair length matter?

The an ext hair friend have, the more an overwhelming a perm deserve to be. An also application that both chemicals and also rods is needed to develop a uniform look, so it’s best not to go down the DIY path if her hair is long. Great can likewise be tricky to transaction with, particularly if lock on the shorter side.

Can you get a perm if you have dyed hair?

You can, however be aware that a perm can lighten hair color. Perming completely dyed hair is often better than perming highlighted hair, which might go frizzy pretty quickly.

Can friend dye her hair after ~ you acquire a perm?

You have to wait approximately a month prior to doing anything correctly to your hair. It’s possible to dye permed hair but, just like everything else, ask her hairstylist prior to committing come anything.

Can you use warmth tools after ~ you get a perm?

If you’re set on using any type of kind of warmth styling, defend your perm first. Use a product favor Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray and also invest in a diffuser for her hair dryer. This will certainly ensure the wait isn’t focused in one place, maintaining your curls wherein they must be.

When have to your next appointment be?

A hairstylist will provide you a turbulent indicator of how long it will certainly take for your perm to prosper out. Some human being can go six months, others just three. Unfortunately, you can have to attend to a couple of weeks of straight roots yet it’s precious it to keep your hair in a healthy state.

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With the appropriate care, your brand-new curls have the right to last for months top top end. And if you have a burning question that you just can’t discover the prize to, constantly ask a professional.