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Here are 3 samples, the first two were Foster slugs shot from a slug gun at 50 yards instead of the Sabot it is designed for. The third target was shot at 60 yards as fast as I could work the pump from a gun with an IM choke. Note the tighter group. You modified choke is good to go.

You can shoot then out of an X-Full choke if you want but you"ll get better accuracy from a mod or imp mod barrel for some reason.CHOKE CONSTRICTION Gauge..................12True bore dia.......729 Cylinder bore........729 Skeet l................724 Imp Cyl...............720 Skeet 2...............717Light Mod............ Modified..............710 Imp. Mod.............704 Light Full..........…Full.....................694Extra full..............689
Not off topic at all, that is exactly what your rifled slug is made for. The rifling reduces surface contact with the barrel reducing friction, the cup at the end of the slug obturates, (expands) to fill the barrel preventing gas from blowing by the slug so it gets full power and because it is soft it squeezes down in the choke making your slug more accurate than it would be if you shot it with no choke at all.
You can shoot then out of an X-Full choke if you want but you"ll get better accuracy from a mod or imp mod barrel for some reason.Agreed. You"ll find Baikal chokes are a little tighter than most anyway.I had a Baikal SxS with an X-Full choke and it shot slugs accurately.
Wanted to add one thing to this regarding chokes. You can shoot a slug through any choke with only accuracy suffering however I would stray away from shooting slugs through the external adjustable chokes on Full and X-Full settings. I know, why would you do that when you can simply spin the choke and select the Cyl. setting? Many forget, don"t think, or just don"t know better. Shooting slugs through some of these chokes on X-Full will damage them so just FYI.

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I shoot slugs through a modified choke all the time. I have yet to damage the choke or blow the end off my barrel. Same with full choke. Saying you need a cylinder bore or improved cylinder is a myth. I have never heard of anyone blowing the end off their barrel. How do you think people shot slugs back when barrels had fixed chokes? And many of them were full choke?
You can shoot a slug through any choke, but it may pattern better in one choke over another. Don"t pull the choke out and shoot with no choke you will destroy the threads. In my 11-87 I used a Improved choke because when I shot with a modified that pattern was all over the place, the IC made it more accurate, each shotgun, and slug combo is going to pattern different which is why you should go out and test slugs to see what works best. You can shoot sabot slugs out of a smooth bore but expect the accuracy to not be as good as a foster or rifled slugs. You can shoot rifled slugs out of a rifled barrel but will plug up the rifling over time.
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