You have the right to see Africa indigenous Malaga. In Benalmadena, because that example, you can take a cable vehicle to around 800 meters up the next of a mountain. V the right weather conditions, you can see Morocco in Africa.

Some would certainly resort to travel to Gibraltar to check out the coastline of Africa.

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The cheaper choice would it is in going come Malaga. Local trains from plenty of cities stop in Benalmadena. From here, you have the right to take a cable automobile up to the mountains and see Africa.

Once up, you deserve to see the shore of Morocco. This, of course, need to be in an excellent weather conditions.

Also, it would certainly not be basic to check out Africa during the day.

The best time the the day would certainly be in the beforehand mornings. This is the time as soon as the waiting is cold and also clear. Throughout this time, one can quickly see Africa.

Visiting another continent is an impressive experience. But what is more amazing is seeing an additional continent when in another. This is like seeing Africa native Europe.

You deserve to see Africa indigenous a the majority of vantage clues in Europe. This is as long as you stay within the Strait of Gibraltar zone. In Europe, these places are Gibraltar, Tarifa, and also Malaga. There is also Algeciras as well as Marbella.

The Strait that Gibraltar is a channel the water the separates Europe from Africa.

Here, we talk an ext about see Africa indigenous Europe.

For part areas, the would aid if you have binoculars. But for many of this in the Strait that Gibraltar, you can see Africa with your naked eye.

The street from Spain

Some parts of Spain space close to Africa.

The shortest that that street is about 14 kilometers away. This is whereby the Strait of Gibraltar is in ~ its narrowest.

From this component of Spain, one deserve to take a ferry because that 35 minutes and reach Africa.

Suffice come say, as soon as you space in the Strait of Gibraltar, you have the right to see Africa from Europe.

If you position yourself in these parts of Europe, friend would view Africa well.

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How do you walk to Malaga?

One have the right to reach Malaga by aircraft or train. There are flights from brand-new York, Atlanta, or Miami to either Barcelona or Madrid. Trains from this cities take trip to Malaga.

Unfortunately, there room no airports in Malaga that business airlines native the US.

But fret not since Barcelona and Madrid just train rides away.

Flying into Barcelona/Madrid

When flying into El Prat airplane in Barcelona, one can travel native most significant American cities.

For example, Delta airline travels from brand-new York straight to Barcelona. The same airline also travels native Atlanta to this part of Spain. The Atlanta flights, however, room seasonal.

The level has actually flights indigenous Boston, new York, and also San Francisco come Barcelona. On the various other hand, united Airlines additionally flies indigenous Newark in new Jersey come El Prat.

The Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airplane in Madrid additionally services flights indigenous the States. New York, Dallas, and also Miami every have straight flights indigenous the us to Madrid.

Delta additionally flies indigenous Atlanta and brand-new York come Madrid.

From one of two people Madrid or Barcelona, one can fly domestically or take it the train come Malaga.

Flying right into Malaga

The airplane of Malaga (AGP) sits ideal smack at the center of Costa del Sol. While the airplane services international flights, none are from the us as that this time. Most are indigenous London and also other european nations.

There are, however, domestic flights. Fortunately, there space flights from Madrid or Barcelona come Malaga.

So, you can fly to one of two people Madrid or Barcelona from the US, then turn off you go to Malaga.

Going to Malaga indigenous Madrid by Train

The fastest indigenous Madrid come Malaga is by taking the AVE high-speed train if you space traveling through train. The take trip time takes about 2 hours and also a half from Madrid.

Reservation fees can variety from 10 Euros to 23 Euros. The price relies on even if it is you choose a first- or second-class seat. You can either make reservations online or at the train station.

When making appointments online, visit eurail.com/en/book-reservations.

This is the high-speed train. Other trains space not together fast. Lock come cheaper, though.

Going come Malaga from Barcelona

Barcelona is a bit much off indigenous Malaga. But some trains take trip from here.

Trains indigenous Barcelona to Madrid take about 2 hours and also 30 minutes. Tickets would certainly cost around 60 to 120 Euros. Buses native Barcelona come Madrid space cheaper in ~ 30 to 40 Euros.

So, if you space traveling to Malaga via Barcelona, your route have to be Barcelona come Madrid come Malaga.

When flying domestically, different airlines travel from Barcelona to Malaga. When pressed for time, flying from Barcelona must be faster.

Depending top top the airline, airplane fares deserve to be anywhere from 40 come 110 Euros because that a one-way ticket.

Madrid’s plane tickets might be a bit more expensive. The cheapest starts in ~ 50 Euros or so for a one-way ticket to Malaga.

But no issue the time the takes or the amount friend pay, Malaga is beautiful.

Plus, you space in because that a an excellent experience of see Africa.

What else is there to execute in Malaga?

Malaga has a lot of tasks in save for travelers. You can visit cathedrals, hike increase cliffsides, or visit the Picasso museum. Over there are also food markets and also wine tasting that will certainly fill your days through fun and excitement.

Malaga is a vigorous city. Collection in the shores of the Costa del Sol, it uses travelers a lot of of activities beyond the beach.

It is a port city and also is famous for one of the biggest artists come have ever before lived – Pablo Picasso.

When in Malaga, girlfriend can check out its laneways and also plazas. You can munch top top the numerous flavors the city needs to offer. Plus, girlfriend can also enjoy its numerous bars and also restaurants almost everywhere the city.

There space cathedrals, museums, and also galleries. And finally, it likewise has landscapes and gardens the leave one in awe.

So, once in Malaga, what space the best tourist spots?

Here are 5 of them.

Cathedral de la Encarnacion de Malaga

The style of the cathedral is a mix the Gothic, Renaissance, and also Baroque styles.

It provided to it is in a mosque that Aljama. In that ruins, the cathedral was then built.

Its construction spanned a pair of centuries. It began in the mid-16th century till the so late 18th century. Regardless of the year of construction, this was never ever finished since of gaue won constraints.

Even if unfinished, the cathedral continues to be to be one of the many beautiful in the country.

Housed within the cathedral structure is Museo Catedralicio.

The Museo houses some the the biggest works that art and objects pertained to religion.

The cathedral is at the Calle Molina Lario in Malaga. The is open up on weekdays indigenous 10 AM till 6:45 PM. On Saturdays, the cathedral is open up from 10 AM until 5:30 PM. The cathedral is not open up on Sundays.

Caminito del Rey

If you room up because that an adventure, you might as well shot the king’s Pathway. They call it the Caminito del Rey. This to be once thought about to be among the many dangerous hikes in the country.

There space multilayer landscapes the pass through reservoirs and mountains. The goes with gorges and valleys.

This to be again opened up in 2015. Due to the fact that it opened, you have the right to see the original trail below as that juts out from the cliff.

This is open up from Tuesdays till Sundays from 9:30 AM till 4:30 PM.

Mercado de la Merced

Sitting best in the center of the square in the old part of Malaga is the Plaza de la Merced. It has actually cafes and open spaces. You can check out the Plaza and also bask at all the style in the square.

Walk on to the northern part of the Plaza, and you will uncover the birthplace that a famed artist, Pablo Picasso.

Just a wee turn off the Plaza de la Merced is the Mercado de la Merced. Here, friend will find a many dining alternatives you will love.

Eat your way through the market. It has actually fish and vegetables. It has actually cured ham and different types of cheeses. Plus, there room tapas bars to your fancy.

You can discover the sector at the Calle Merced. It is open from Mondays till Wednesdays indigenous 7 in the morning until eight in ~ night. On Thursdays, it is open from 7 AM until 1 AM. Fridays and also Saturdays, it opens up from 7 AM until 2 AM. The sector does not operate on Sundays.

Museo Picasso

Malaga is famous for its well known artist, Pablo Picasso.

Picasso is among the most popular artists the today. In honor of their famed artist son, Malaga opened a museum that screens his works.

The museum houses much more than 200 piece of Picasso’s artwork. The piece date ago to his childhood until his adult years.

The museum offers its visitors an knowledge of Picasso and his functions of art. It is airy and is other you must not miss when you space in Malaga.

You can find the museum in ~ the Palacio de Buenavista in Calle san Agustin. It opens every job from 10 AM and also closes at 7 PM.

The Malaga Wines

Malaga is well known for the sweet wines.

When in this town, one can never operation out of wine bars and also bodegas. It is in these areas that one have the right to taste just the best wines in the land.

The town’s wine industry goes ago to 3,000 years before. The town has always been a wine producer ever since.

In Malaga, over there is a classic wine bar. It is among the earliest in the city as well.

Antigua Casa de Guardia to be actually developed in the 1840s. From climate on, it offered a vast array that wines native its bodega in the adjacent hills.

This traditional wine bar is at the Alameda Principal. It is open up from Mondays to Thursdays native 10 AM until 10 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, it opens from 10 am to 10:45 PM.

On Sundays, it opens from 11 AM and also closes at 3 PM.

Which component of Europe has the clearest check out of Africa?

Gibraltar has actually the clearest watch of Africa. When one desires to check out Africa from Europe, one has the clearest views at the rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar sit in the southern component of Spain. That lies in the seaside parts the Europe and is simply a couple of miles away from Africa.

Gibraltar is a only 14 miles far from the afri continent. Together such, the territory is one of the ideal places to check out Africa indigenous Europe.

There is one place in Gibraltar you have to prefer to view the afri continent clearly. This limestone rock development is what world call the absent of Gibraltar. That soars up to around 1,398 feet.

The absent of Gibraltar deals with the Strait that Gibraltar. Before landing, this have to be the an initial that one notices that the country.

Options to go to the height of the rock of Gibraltar

You deserve to ride a cable automobile or drive a cab. If you so choose, you can also choose to hike come the top. Over there are additionally tour guides that would have the ability to bring you come the summit of the Rock.

A cable car can take it you as much as the optimal in 6 minutes. Yet the other options provide you through the experience to discover the area.

Cabs, hikes, or tourism can administer you with many stops along the way. There is the Moorish castle to think of. Plus, there are additionally tunnels native the second World War.

What is exciting is that along the way, friend can additionally drop through the Apes Den. This is whereby you will find the apes.

Once you room on optimal of the absent of Gibraltar, friend will have actually the finest views by then. This consists of a watch of Africa just a couple of miles away from the territory.

You will likewise be seeing the coastal towns of Algeciras and also Tarifa in the west. To the north lies Costa del Sol. Over there is likewise the Sierra Nevada mountains farther up north.

So, have the right to you see the coast of Africa native Europe?

The answer is yes.

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You can be in Malaga or any kind of of the coastal towns in Spain. Or girlfriend can likewise be on peak of the absent of Gibraltar.