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In March, Sony received widespread backlash because that announcing plans to shut down the PS3 and also Vita stores and remove the capability to acquisition PSP games from both storefronts. The criticism led Sony to turning back course in part, promise to save the PS3 and also Vita stores open, however the company stayed cursed to ending “PSP commerce functionality” top top July 2nd. While it to be unclear specifically what that meant at the time, Sony has melted a little an ext light on the situation: you will do it still be able to buy brand-new PSP games on the PS3 and Vita stores, yet you won’t have the ability to buy brand-new DLC, follow to the this firm UK and also US support pages (via Kotaku).

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Here space the three brand-new updates Sony made to clarify things, including that the will eliminate the capability to do searches or download DLC native the PSP save on July 6th:

What go this typical for you?

What around PSP contents that you already own?

You’ll still be able to download your formerly purchased PSP content. You deserve to download your previously purchased PSP contents onto your PSP through accessing the Download list on the device.

What around PSP content that is accessible for acquisition on the PS3 and also PS Vita stores?

You’ll still have the ability to purchase and also play PSP content that is obtainable on the PS3 and also PS Vita stores. However, you will do it no longer be able to make to buy via the in-game keep for PSP content.

All that this naturally only applies to gamings that were marketed digitally, but it helps maintain some of the PSP’s history and back catalog, because the aboriginal PSP storefront shutdown in 2016.

In comparison come Microsoft, which uses backwards compatibility throughout multiple generations as a significant selling suggest for the Xbox series X, play older games on Sony’s consoles can regularly be a bit more facility than just popping in one old disc. The game stations 5 at this time plays many Playstation 4 games, but if you desire to play games from enlarge generations top top Sony’s newest console, you’ll must pony up for a Playstation currently subscription, which lets you beat Playstation 3 and also Playstation 2 gamings streamed indigenous the cloud, or buy complete price remakes of the classics.

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For the PSP, there’s quiet a feasible method to buy gamings for the lovely handheld, at least for now — also it method purchasing the gamings from among two stores on entirely different hardware.