Ham and turkey, pavlova and also trifle, bowl of salads and seafood – a most time and also money get in making a Christmas feast.

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We love to have actually a hill of food in ~ Christmas time, but because of this, that is estimated that the amount of food wasted doubles in December.

This year, instead of throw away your leftovers as soon as you deserve to no much longer handle an additional ham sandwich, frozen them. You might be surprised just how many Christmas foodstuffs can be frozen such together cooked turkey, ham and also your Christmas pud.

Freezing her Christmas leftovers will save you food and also money, as well as enabling you to gain your Christmas treats for months to come.

Check out our substantial list that what Christmas foods can be frozen so you’re all set to address your leftovers on Boxing Day. Make sure you share up on good airtight containers and freezer bags in advance!

Tips for freezing leftovers:The fresher the food is as soon as it goes into the freezer, the fresher it will be as soon as it comes the end – so get your food into the freezer as quickly as possible, rather than letting it languish in the refrigerator for a couple of work first.Freeze your food in controlled portions – sizes that you will have the ability to eat all in one go. It’s better to have lots of smaller bags through sliced ham in, fairly than one huge chunk i m sorry is hard to defrost and also too much to eat every at once. As soon as you have actually thawed the food, you do not do it refreeze it.Wrap her food well to stop freezer burn. Food that has suffered indigenous freezer burn is still for sure to eat, but it may not be together delicious. Wrap food in cling plunder then location it in resealable bags, or use airtight containers.Label! To avoid a freezer full of UFO (unidentified frozen objects) it is necessary to label the food. Date it as well so you know how long that has remained in there and also what demands to be consumed first.Always cool your food prior to freezing and don’t placed a the majority of room temperature food into the freezer all at once time. Use the refrigerator to cool it as lot as possible and stagger once you include it to the freezer so it doesn’t rise the ambient temperature too much.Your freezer works ideal when the is full, so the an ext you save in there, the better.



Slice ham turn off the bone and wrap tiny portions strictly in cling wrap. Place in re-sealable bags. Freezing ham may mildly affect the texture, so it might no much longer be an excellent for sandwiches yet will be perfect for using in things favor pasta, pies and also quiches. You have up to 2 weeks in order to freeze her ham.

Freeze the ham bone to usage in winter to do soup.


Turkey deserve to be frozen and then used as friend would usage cooked chicken. Eliminate the meat indigenous the bones before freezing. Save the bones and also carcass to make stock. Inspect out our 8 recipe principles for using up leftover turkey.

Other cooked meats

If lamb, beef or chicken is ~ above the menu at your place, you have the right to freeze the leftovers as you would for turkey or ham. This works ideal for roasted meats as you may uncover that barbecue meat dry out a lot once reheated. Once you space reheating meat that has actually been frozen, make certain you warm it until it is piping hot.


Seafood is constantly best as soon as it is fresh, so aim to eat it on the day you prepare it. The exception is things favor smoked salmon or other fish, which has actually been cured so the it will last fine in the fridge.

– Sides



Cooked vegetables can be frozen come be eaten at a later date. Depending upon the vegetable, freezing them may readjust their texture once they room thawed. Use them in pies, soups or stews.


Potatoes – even if it is boiled brand-new potatoes or roasted people – have the right to be frozen. Alternatively, usage them when they room fresh to whip increase a potato salad.

Bread rolls

As the freezer is the ideal place to save your bread, the a no-brainer the you have the right to freeze your bread rolls. Also if they have gone a little stale, chuck them in the deep frozen – you deserve to use lock to do garlic bread, breadcrumbs or bread-and-butter pudding.

Green salad


If you freeze a lettuce-based salad friend will finish up with a limp, watery mess, so us don’t recommend it. It is best to eat salad the day you do it. Tip: don’t include dressing to a salad till just before you are about to eat it, otherwise it will go soggy and also limp, and won’t last well. For something different, usage leftover salad in rice paper rolls.


Any leftover turkey stuffing have the right to be frozen.


If you saw the initiative of making a very delicious homemade gravy to accompany your turkey, you’ll desire to store the leftovers. Frozen gravy in ice cube trays so that you have the right to pull at tiny amounts next time you do a roast.

Cranberry sauce

Whilst cranberry sauce will store well in the fridge, that can also be effectively frozen if you want to stash some away to go through your ham or turkey leftovers.

– Sweets

Christmas cake


Like most cakes, Christmas cake lasts well in the freezer. Reduced it into little portions and also enjoy it transparent the year.

Christmas pudding

Yep, you deserve to put her pud in the freezer. Part it prior to you freeze it – you’ll give thanks to yourself when you an intricate a late-night dessert.

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Mince pies

You deserve to freeze mince pies – the a good way to protect against them walking stale. However they might be crumbly when they thaw. If castle are, usage them as a crumble topping or sprinkle them on or with ice cream.


Unfortunately, pavlova is just one of the couple of sweet points that shouldn’t be frozen – yet it does do for a great breakfast on Boxing Day!