There are numerous different grocery and retail stores that will permit their customers to cash checks.

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Stores such as Walmart, Stop and Shop, Albertsons, and others will offer this organization for their clientele, allowing them come cash a selection of various checks.

If you’re a Safeway customer, probably you’re wonder if they offer this business as well? If so, continue reading through this post to watch what info I gathered top top this topic!

Do Safeway Cash check In 2021?

Safeway stores perform offer a cash checking organization at every store places as of 2021. Safeway will certainly cash payroll, cashiers, government-issued, and stimulus checks approximately a maximum value of $1500. The fees for cashing check at Safeway space 1.15% of the value of the check.

If you’d prefer to learn an ext about Safeway’s check cashing policy, the varieties of checks customers deserve to cash at Safeway, exactly how much they fee to cash checks and more, proceed reading v this short article for an ext useful information.

What Is Safeway’s Cash checking Policy?

While Safeway go in truth offer a cash check service, they need to follow a certain set of rules in accordance v their policy.

Before customers carry checks into Safeway to be cashed, they must be familiar with the policy that is at this time in place.

According to Safeway’s checking policy, while they do allow a variety of different check to it is in cashed, no every kind of check is standard for their service.

The varieties of checks they do permit are as follows:

Payroll checksCashier’s checksGovernment-issued checksStimulus checks

In order to cash a government-issued inspect at Safeway, customers must have a government-issued ID v them in order to verify your identity.

Additionally, Safeway will certainly not cash checks that exceed $1500.

What type Of check Does Safeway not Cash?

While Safeway allows specific checks to it is in cashed, no every type will qualify.

According to their policy, the following checks right now do no qualify for cashing:

Personal checksHandwritten checks

Safeway does not permit these types of check to it is in cashed due to the risk of fraud.

If the identity of the inspect holder cannot be properly identified, climate Safeway cannot take the risk of cashing the check.

How many Checks can You Cash at Safeway?


While over there is reportedly no border on how many checks a person deserve to cash in ~ Safeway, over there is a limit to exactly how much money a client is able come cash in ~ once.

Therefore, depending on how much money your individual checks include up to will count on how countless you’re able come cash at once.

Because Safeway only cashes federal government checks, payroll checks, and cashiers checks, it’s reasonable to conclude that only a pair of checks could be cashed in ~ once, relying on how much money a person makes top top payroll.

How much Does It price To Cash A inspect At Safeway?

Safeway charges every $200 when customers cash cheques (it expenses $2.25 every $200 come cash a cheque in ~ Safeway, which equates to a 1.15% fee).

For example, in order come cash a inspect of $1,000, customers would end up payment $11.25.

Which job Of The Week execute Safeway Cash Checks?

Safeway usually makes its cash checking service available seven days a week.

However, the hrs of operation will differ per Safeway location. There room some stores that sell this business 24/7, while other stores run on a smaller operational schedule.

In order to uncover out what time your neighborhood Safeway permits customers come cash checks, it’s encourage to call the Reception desk or visit your local store and also ask a keep associate.

Where walk Safeway Cash checks In the Store?

Safeway cashes checks at the customer service desk in many of their stores, however, this may differ per location.

Additionally, if you’re can not to find their cash checking center, you deserve to simply ask in ~ the customer service/reception desk for assistance.

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Safeway cashes check at every one of their save locations across Canada and the united States. Castle accept government checks, payroll checks, stimulus checks and cashiers checks.

Unfortunately, they space unable to cash an individual or handwritten check currently.

Safeway cashes its checks according come a few specific rules. Checks can not exceed $1500 or they will be cashed.

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They likewise charge a dues for many checks, as customers have to pay $2.25 for every $200 ~ above the examine they room cashing, excluding stimulus checks.