Tungsten carbide ring have come to be increasingly well-known in the modern-day jewelry industry. However, countless people believe that these rings cannot be reduced off in instance of emergencies. This article intends to administer information on even if it is you can cut through tungsten carbide rings.

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If you are looking for stylish, comfortable, and also affordable rings v innovative and also versatile contemporary designs, tungsten carbide rings are a perfect choice. These rings come native a chemical mix of tungsten, a chemical element on the regular table, and also carbon.

As a result, tungsten carbide rings are among the most long lasting rings easily accessible in the market, with a rating the 9 ~ above the Mohs scale. The hardness and scratch-resistant nature of this rings have actually made plenty of buyers shy away due to rumors that tungsten carbide ring cannot be reduced off. So, have the right to you reduced through tungsten carbide rings?


You will find out in this Post

Can you cut through tungsten carbide rings? (In one emergency)

Quick answer: you have the right to not reduced through tungsten carbide rings. Yet you can crack it with a tool.

As disputed above, tungsten carbide rings are the strongest steel jewelry rings easily accessible on the market. They are scratch-resistant, particularly durable, and also corrosion-resistant, and they perform not tarnish either.

Regardless the the material, any type of ring is removable in one emergency. Tungsten carbide rings contain the hardest steel on earth, i m sorry is scratch-resistant.

As a result, you will have to crack it off, rather than cut it off, prefer most metal rings. Tough metal rings, choose tungsten carbide and also ceramic rings, are easier and also faster to cracked off 보다 cutting them.

Pro tips: you deserve to not cut the tungsten rings, shot to crack it v pressure. Check out this article for more. 2 men’s wedding ring will break under pressure.

A continual hack saw, or wires cutter might not even put a dent on your tungsten carbide ring.

Alternatively, you may opt to use any kind of locking pliers or a vice tight wrench come crack open up the ring. An ext so, a rotary saw v a diamond-coated blade can reduced through tungsten carbide ring in seconds.

How to reduced tungsten carbide rings?

It is possible to cut through tungsten carbide rings. However, the traditional way of cutting rings may not apply to such rings.

Tungsten carbide is only damaged or scratched through using extreme measures, choose abrasion native corundum or diamonds.

In the instance of clinical emergencies, medical specialists fracture tungsten carbide rings into tiny pieces using vice fixed pliers or other ring cut or evil devices.

Most hospitals have actually the crucial tools to eliminate such difficult metal rings from your swollen finger. The vice tight pliers fracture the ring at separate points to enable the ring to autumn off from the finger easily and also in pieces.

1.Adjust the vice tight pliers’ mouth to fit the ring

The process of cut tungsten carbide rings involves picking the form of preferred equipment.

Often, numerous professionals choose using vice fixed pliers. Lock the mouth of the vice grip pliers top top the ring by squeezing the handle together. Once locked, turn the take care of knob in one anti-clockwise way to open the mouth till it is larger than the ring’s external diameter.

Turn the take care of knob in a clockwise manner to tighten the grip, make the teeth of the pliers grasp the ring securely.

Make sure the knob is hand-tight, to stop slipping and further injuring the influenced finger.

Press the tab within the manage to unlock the evil grip and release the ring.

Turn the knob in ~ 180 degrees clockwise to adjust the mouth of the vice grip come ensure the distance in between will be smaller sized than the ring’s outer diameter, by at the very least 1-2 millimeters.

2.Crack the ring

Proceed to location the vice fixed pliers roughly the ring and squeeze that handles until it locks up.

Although tungsten carbide rings perform not bend, the opposite forces exerted by the vice fixed pliers will crack the ring, bring about it to loss off the wearer’s finger safely.

Safety tips for readers who desire to reduced off your tungsten rings


1.Employ traditional removal approaches first

Before opting to walk to the emergency room for the removed of your tungsten carbide ring, friend should an initial try removing the via the classic methods, choose lubrication, elevation, the cable method, or even using a rubber band.

Lubricants, such together liquid soap, hand lotions, Vaseline, peanut butter, infant oil, or antibiotic ointment, are an excellent ways of removing a stuck ring ~ above a finger. However, make certain the area about the ring is not cut to protect against infecting it v germs; thus, resulting in further irritation.

The string an approach involves tying a string, oxygen mask strap, or dentist floss around the puffy area of the finger because that a couple of minutes, to reduce its size. As soon as the dimension of the finger reduces, the ring can slip turn off easily. On slide the item of dental floss or cable under the stuck ring, preferably utilizing a needle, if ensuring the bulk of the string is toward the fingertip. Indigenous the ring’s tip, plunder the string about your finger towards your fingertip till you with over your knuckle.

Pull ~ above the much shorter end of the ring, the component under the stuck ring, and begin to unwind the wire from her finger gently. Slide the string over her knuckle and also pull the ring upward to relax it. Throughout this totality process, shot to relax and slightly bend her finger in ~ the knuckle.

Another an approach to remove a stuck tungsten carbide ring is to lift your hand over your head for a few minutes to reduce the pressure. According to gravity and physics, this enables the motion of bodily fluids downwards from your swollen finger.


Sterilizing your equipment and finger prior to trying to remove any kind of stuck ring from her finger is vital.

It stays clear of the spread of bacteria in the instance of damaged skin. Luckily, tungsten carbide does not corrode easily, so any sterilization ointment you usage will not impact it.


Despite the medical situation, it is feasible to reduced through tungsten carbide rings. Through the appropriate tools and also equipment, it will certainly take around fifteen minute to remove tungsten carbide rings without any far-ranging complications safely.

Tungsten carbide ring are strong and durable and also can keep their lustrous shin and also appearance because that a lifetime.

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However, the is an overwhelming to resize them. As such, monitor if her ring size transforms over time, to ensure you make the essential adjustments prior to you are compelled to visit the emergency room.