Don’t be afrassist to include some diamond sparkle to your sterling silver jewelry collection! Once thought about entirely unstandard, many jewelers are finding that diamonds add the perfect touch to their silver lines. We talked to a few experts to gain their opinions on the finest method to add diamonds to silver.

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Are diamonds also expensive?

Natural Diamond RoughSpecimens from Rock Deco

Don"t let the potential price of a diamond scare you amethod. Mark Haughton, a stone dealer fromRock Deco, has noticed that the "attractiveness of the stone," not just the top quality, has taken precedence in rock sourcing. And diamonds are accessible in a surprisingly large variety of price points.

With silver jewelry, the perfect color, cut, clarity, and also carat weight diamond isn"t as important as with other metals. Diamonds come in a wide spectrum of qualities, which will allow you to discover the perfectly imperfect rock that works best for your jewelry collection; or as Haughton says, "Match the metal via the stone."

2ct Cognac Rose CutDiamond from Rock Deco

Timeless reasoning is that a diamond requirements to be a perfectly clear stone once in reality an off-color and also off-clarity stone deserve to collection your job-related acomponent and reach a totality brand-new crowd. These stones have their very own aesthetic and distinct cdamage.

Is it hard to set diamonds in silver?

Once you"ve decided diamonds are an affordable addition, think around the moment and also ability compelled to set them in silver. We asked Niki Grandics, designer and founder ofENJI Studio, andJenny Reeves, a San Francisco based jeweler, exactly how establishing diamonds in silver compares to gold or platinum.

Arie Ring from ENJI Studiothrough 1ct raw diamond

Overall, the skill compelled is about the exact same no matter which steel you usage. However before, both suggest a couple of pointers to keep in mind. Silver is more malleable and much less thick than gold or platinum. This have the right to have actually an result on your style and also how you work with the setting. Because flush and also prong settings have the right to be vulnerable to bfinishing, Jenny says utilizing thicker stock and hardening your item - particularly rings, which deserve to take quite a little bit of abusage.

Is it worth it to add diamonds to silver jewelry?

Jenny says, "It can be the information that justifies the price in a client"s mind and also leads to a sale."

Occulus Bracelet from ENJI Studiovia 1ct raw babsence diamond

Diamonds deserve to include value, both genuine and also viewed, to your work-related and also allow you to command also a greater price allude. But, be sure to think your whole design through: as a lot as human being love their sparkly jewelry, they are still sensitive to price. Expectations are various for sterling and also diamond jewelry. Clients seem the majority of interested in fashion-forward deindicators rather of traditional concepts. Sterling silver jewelry via diamonds is still thought about a bit untraditional, so trying to offer a large, high-top quality stone collection as a solitaire in silver may just be effective via particular alternate bridal niches.

Niki has uncovered that there is a details price ceiling wright here clients aren"t willing to pay for silver, which implies it makes even more feeling to make the item in gold or use a less labor-intensive establishing. Many successful pieces, especially external of bridal collections, usage diamonds that are rose cuts, cubes, unstable stones, or small enough to be used in stacking pieces. Tright here are many forms and also sizes that can give you many room to be creative; yet at the finish of the day, Niki says, "Think about what makes sense for your brand."

Pebble cuff from Jenny Reeves

Can I preserve my ethos via diamonds?

"If you"re going to usage diamonds it"s good to educate yourself."

Many clients are likewise coming to be more came to about sustainability and sourcing. In recent years, "blood diamonds" and ethical resources have actually come to be a major element in many kind of purchases. Although Jenny notices this many with larger diamonds and also bridal jewelry, she claims that discussing when accent stones are ethically sourced is constantly met with a positive response. She claims, "If you"re going to use diamonds it"s good to educate yourself."

3mm Bedrock band from Jenny Reeves

If a potential client asked around the sourcing, would certainly you be able to tell them wbelow they came from? Do the stones fulfill your personal requirements of social and eco-friendly responsibility? Many type of consumers are beginning to educate themselves on these concerns, so she recommends checking outEthical Metalsmithsfor sources on finding honest sourcing and also educating clients on the sustaincapacity and also sourcing of your stones.

Mark Haughton ownsRock Deco, a supplier of natural rough and also reduced diamonds, gemstones, and also cabochons. All color gemstones are reduced in Santa Fe, NM and all unstable diamonds comply through the rules of the Kimberley Process.Niki Grandics foundedENJI Studio Jewelryand also was the 2016 Halstead Grant Winner. She is a member of Ethical Metalsmiths. All of her jewelry is made making use of recycled gold and silver, ethically sourced and fair mined stones, chains and findings made in the USA and Italy, and packaging and marketing products made from recycled paper.Jenny Reevescreates jewelry influenced by the California landscape: earthy and also modern-day, edgy, yet innovative. She uses recycled valuable metals and also conflict-cost-free and also fair-trade gemstones that are separately third-party certified for socially and also environmentally responsible practices.

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For even more information on ethical diamonds, visit:

USA Kimberley Process AuthorityWorld Diamond Council

To encertain you"re utilizing an ethical supplier, Ethical Metalsmiths uses a list ofquestions to askabout the material sourcing.