For any experts out there, I have actually recently gained some liquid. If dosing the liquid, ns picked increase the cap and also after screwing the lid back on ns realized I had actually some fluid on my hands and fingers. Probably a autumn worth. Ns made it come the bathroom and also poured part witch hazel on my hands climate washed em v super warm water, then i wiped em turn off again v isopropyl alc. Simply wondering how conveniently it gets took in thru the skin. I expedition myself the end over stuff like this and also get placebo trips whenever ns take it, i think i feel it within 5 mins also tho I recognize that’s not exactly how it works. Probably simply super stoned and also paranoid cause I have actually a 9 am tomorrow, yet I would likewise like to know for future recommendation how conveniently someone would need to wash it turn off if they spill part on your hands. I feel favor I did pretty much the best thing I could to acquire it off however if ns didn’t or you deserve to recommend me anything, any type of info is appreciated thanks y’all.

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Don't worry, LSD can't be absorbed via the skin at all. A bunch of chemistry who have actually actually manufactured and also handled massive quantities of LSD have confirmed that this is a finish fiction.

Dr. Dave Nichols

"I've make LSD in my lab on numerous occasions for research purposes, possibly in no so meticulous a manner together Albert Hofmann. Nothing ever before happened. I had actually several graduate students that made LSD as an intermediate because that projects. No accidental ingestion that LSD ever before occurred. A technician in my lab makes it routinely because we use it together a medicine to train ours rats. He's learned by suffer that he never ever gets high, nothing ever before happens. And yesterday i was talking to Nick Sand, and also Nick said, "I make a systems of LSD in DMSO…" DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a chemical that substantially enhances absorption of other chemicals through the skin -- he says, "…I painted it on mine skin. Nothing happened." A concentrated solution and also nothing happened!

An esteemed underground LSD chemist arrested in '05, Donnie Shackelford, is quoted in one unfinished publication on black sector LSD manufacturing by Tim Scully. Here's an excerpt indigenous the interview.

Tim Scully said, "Did you ever get dosed with your skin in the lab". Donnie Shackelford replied, "No, I have actually accidentally dosed myself when laying sheets, ns either touched my eye, or mouth. Yet the answer come your question is no, you can not be dosed through the skin. I never wore gloves in any procedure uneven lye is used and it no in this procedure. I learned the hard way dropping a flask with 20g the LSD in it. Ns was very upset. I’ve had it anywhere my hands many, many times. Ns was there when Dr. Nichols basically referred to as bullshit ~ above the an excellent doctor at Mindstates 60th anniversary".

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Oh and the Mindstates 60th anniversary thing he's talking around is the erowid link I post above.

Placebo is an extremely and point this story,

"In the Winter that 1944, the USS Pope, a 1,200-ton destroyer escort, was about 1,000 miles from the coastline of England. It had actually recently perfect a running battle with German U-boats turn off the Azores, among the vital naval problems of the second World War. On board, a young U.S. Naval named Alexander Shulgin tried come relax by playing poker, however as that shuffled the cards, his left ignorance ached intensely. It was badly infected and needed surgery, however there was no method to operate while in ~ sea. Shulgin’s delivery docked in ~ Liverpool, and also he was moved to a surrounding army hospital because that the operation. There, a nurse handed the a glass the orange juice, and also as the drank he noticed a couple of undissolved grains of flour at the bottom that the glass. He assumed they to be the continues to be of a sedative, and despite his ideal efforts to remain awake, he dropped deeply unconscious. When he awoke, Shulgin found he to be wrong: the glass had had only juice and sugar, and also his collapse was caused entirely by the placebo effect. That was only after he’d currently passed out that the doctors had actually administered one anesthetic and conducted the operation. The idea the his mind had fooled him was a revelation to the young marine: if a placebo could have such a dramatic effect, the possibilities for active drugs appeared boundless. Unexpectedly fascinated by the interface between the mind and also molecular matter, Shulgin went back to the U.S. And embarked top top a career in psychopharmacology. It to be an odyssey that would change the lives of millions."