Providing whatever their guinea pig requirements is the aspiration the every responsible owner. We know and also understand, however, the life doesn’t always cooperate with yours and also your guinea’s desires.

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If you’ve involved the finish of her guinea pig’s bag that kibble, and also are still wait for payday or a delivery, us have an excellent news because that you: there space plenty of choices for feeding your guinea pig while girlfriend wait for more of their compressed pellets.

In this article, you’ll discover healthy alternatives to her guinea pig’s constant diet the dried and compressed food that will assist safely feed and also nourish them. Follow along to discover our favorite alternatives that you can find around the residence or v a fast trip to the grocery store store, and your guinea pig need never go hungry again.


Guinea Pig Food options and Supplements

With every one of these nutritional needs in mind, stop look at some usual foods that have the right to be provided to round out your guinea pig’s basic diet the hay and also water:

1. Romaine Lettuce

Much an ext nutritionally dense than Iceberg lettuce, the high fiber contents in Romaine lettuce (as well together red and also green lettuces) can aid keep your guinea pig’s digestion functioning smoothly. Constantly thoroughly wash her leafy environment-friendly vegetables to remove any type of bacteria and also harmful residues prior to feeding to her pet.

2. Broccoli

High in fiber and low in sugar, every part of the broccoli plant deserve to be fed to your guinea pig. It’s likewise high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, do it an excellent choice come supplement your pet’s diet.

3. Cauliflower

Low in calories however extremely high in vitamins and also fiber content, cauliflower is wonderful choice for guinea pigs many thanks to that high Vitamin C content.

4. Kale

Recommended by the Humane culture for feeding to your guinea pig, kale is a popular superfood that’s an excellent for her pet’s cradle health. That high enough in Vitamin C come warrant feeding ~ above a day-to-day basis, too.


5. Bell Peppers

While every shade of bell pepper will provide necessary fiber for your pig’s diet, the brighter red and also orange bell peppers contain an ext of the Vitamin C that’s crucial for her guinea’s health. You deserve to feed the whole pepper come them, stem and also all, but be mindful not to overdo it; bell peppers are fairly high in sugar.

6. Oranges

Fruits are typically recommended just as a treat, together their high sugar contents can conveniently lead to diabetes and obesity in little animals. However, if you’re walk to choose one fruit for your guinea pig, orange segment are great choice many thanks to your high Vitamin C content.

7. Carrots

On the sweet side for a vegetable, carrots space still a good occasional food for her guinea pig thanks to your high Vitamin C and fiber contents. You deserve to feed the whole plant to her pet, consisting of the eco-friendly tops.

8. Squash

All the the countless squash varieties can be a useful enhancement to your guinea pig’s diet if fed just in moderation. Zucchini and also butternut squash space two usual varieties that, when high in sugar, room packed with beneficial nutrients as well.

9. Tomatoes

Avoid the stems and leaves that the tomato plant and also feed your guinea pig just the flesh. It’s fairly high in sugar yet has the advantage of reasonably high levels of Vitamin C together well, making the a great occasional treat.


Understanding your Guinea Pig’s dietary Needs

Image Credit: Myagi, PixabayIn the wild, guinea pigs eat a wide range of foods – every little thing from fruits and leaves to grasses, herbs, and also root vegetables. While none of this is enough on its very own to administer for all your guinea pig’s diet needs, castle can kind a valuable supplement to her pet’s usual meals.

Aside from the dry guinea pig food that is so ubiquitous on pet keep shelves, her guinea pig should ideally have accessibility to abundant amounts of fresh timothy hay. This hay is essential, not just for keeping their gut bacteria happy and also healthy, but additionally to wear down their continually farming teeth.

In enhancement to this unlimited accessibility to hay, a well balanced guinea pig diet will encompass copious amounts of freshwater, also as tiny amounts of fruits and also vegetables.

Like humans, guinea pigs do not create their own Vitamin C. This provides supplementation a necessity for their continued health and also well-being, which have the right to be completed by feeding them dark leafy greens and also brightly fancy vegetables like bell peppers.

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Final Thoughts

While a guinea pig’s cradle is no so robust as to enable it to eat anything, they’re blessed with an appetite for countless different fruits and vegetables. If you’ve ever run the end of guinea pig food and also have to wait because that more, think about supplementing your usual diet of hay with any kind of of the above-listed fruits and also vegetables. They’ll remain happy and healthy till you deserve to once again carry out them with dried kibble.