My husband was thisclose to offering away every his recently deceased mother's CorningWare. As soon as I found that it was older than him, and told the to pack it every up. It's mostly the typical blue cornflower pattern, so ns don't think any type of of that is specifically valuable (although I could be wrong!). I think it days from the '50s and also '60s. I'd be happy to cook with it regularly, however I can't figure out how it's going to fit into my life. For those who favor to cook with it, what's so great about it?




The finest of Pumpkins: Why They're the Ultimate autumn Fruit

by Jen Wheeler | It's fall, which means its time to salary tribute to that iconic mascot of the season. Together a food, as...

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13 essential Apple Recipes because that Fall

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9 autumn Salads That placed a new Spin on fall Produce

by Pamela Vachon | this healthy fall salad recipes will store you eat well all autumn, and cast her favorite fall...


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This 20-Minute sheet Pan Dinner Is the Ideal fall Weeknight Feast

by Jen Wheeler | never ever underestimate the strength of a one pot meal (or one pan, together the situation may be). This simple sheet...

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