The snacks are avidly consumed by brand-loyal students, yet that attachment has actually raised questions about addiction and nutrition

Scarlet-hued and also finger-staining, Flamin" hot Cheetos have a dedicated following among students throughout the nation who regularly ditch a healthy lunch for a soda and a crinkly snack bag.

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The artificially flavored and also colored junk food also has a preteen YouTube laboratory hit committed in part to it.

"Snack, snack, snack, crunch," go the refrain of the song, which was released in respectable by a Minnesota YMCA. "I can"t get sufficient of these warm Cheetos and Takis."

The intake trend appears to have actually peaked, long after Cheetos-maker Frito-Lay released its first Flamin" Hot variety in the early 1990s. And also while high-fat, high-salt snacks target at teens and urban sectors are naught new, the fierce devotion of students to Flamin" hot Cheetos has actually some questioning even if it is they"re addictive.


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In recent years the snack has actually come under fire from institution districts concerned around its nutritional value – or absence thereof.

Several schools in Pasadena, Calif.,banned the snacks in 2006,with administrators saying the Cheetos would be confiscated if they were carried to campus through students. The plan has gained increased media attention freshly after a Chicago Tribune story examined the Flamin" hot snack-food phenomenon, follow to Pasadena Unified college District spokesman Adam Wolfson.


"We have actually to administer foods with a certain amount that nutritional value, and also Flamin" warm Cheetos carry out not accomplish that, along with countless various other snacks," Wolfson said.

The confiscation plan at some schools was instituted because the Cheetos were resulting in too much disruption, with children selling them "on the black color market," Wolfson said.

"Are us on a witch hunt for Flamin" hot Cheetos? No. Are they bad for kids and we"re happy to do it harder for them to eat them? Sure," the added.

The nation"s second-largest school district, Los Angeles Unified, choose Pasadena Unified, follows California regulation limiting items that can be marketed on publicly K-12 campuses through nutritional content. The generally method no Flamin" Hots or otherlow-nutrition snacks.

Schools in brand-new Mexico and Illinois, meanwhile,have additionally reportedly banned the snacks or asked parental to prevent buying them because that kids, citing nutritional concerns.

A 1 oz. Offer of the crunchy selection of Flamin" hot Cheetos has actually 160 calories, 11 grams the fat, and 10 percent that day"s recommended intake the sodium.

That doesn"t sound so bad. However, the snack frequently comes in bags that offer two or an ext times the amount of Cheetos, which offer almost no diet fiber or protein.

The "new bigger size" bagof Flamin" warm Cheetos consists of 3 3/4 oz., or practically 680 calories, 44 grams the fat, and also 40 percent the day"s recommended sodium, according to the package nutritional label. because that its part, Frito-Lay has recently comment to the controversy, issuing the complying with statement: "Frito-Lay is cursed to responsible and ethical marketing practices, which has not marketing our assets to kids ages 12 and also under. We additionally do not decide i m sorry snacks are accessible on institution campuses."

The problem has been the topic of recent research on "hyperpalatable foods" and addiction.

Ashley Gearhardt, a clinical psychology professor at college of Michigan who researches neural similarities in between drug addiction and also problem eat behaviors, told the Chicago Tribune that civilization react differently to handle food – i m sorry is frequently simultaneously high in both fat and also sugar, uneven natural, entirety foods. "It’s miscellaneous that has been engineered so the it is fattier and saltier and an ext novel come the allude where ours body, mind and pleasure centers react to it more strongly 보다 if us were eating, say, a handful of nuts," Gearhardt called the newspaper.

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"Going along with that, we are seeing those classic signs that addiction, the cravings and loss that control and preoccupation v it," she said.