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There are 129 calories in 3 ounces that Beef Tenderloin (Lean Only, Trimmed to 1/8" Fat).
Calorie breakdown: 40% fat, 0% carbs, 60% protein.

Other usual Serving Sizes:Serving SizeCalories
1 oz 43
100 g 152
1 lb 689
Related types of Beef:
Corned Beef
Lean soil Beef
Beef Steak
Roast Beef
Ground Beef (Cooked)
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Beef Tenderloin (Trimmed come 1/8" Fat, choice Grade)
Beef Tenderloin (Lean Only, Trimmed to 1/8" Fat, select Grade, Cooked, Broiled)
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Used in this Member Recipes:
Beef Tenderloin v Mayonnaise
Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin


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