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- I"m simply teasing, prevent taking every little thing so seriously.

- Okay, therefore mother. As I was saying, tomorrow...

- Mother"s feeling a little run down. Would certainly you song for me, dear? climate we"ll talk.

- Oh! the course, mother.

- Flower gleam and glow, allow your strength shine, do the clock reverse, bring ago what as soon as was mine.

- heal what has been hurt, change the fate"s design. Conserve what has actually been lost, bring ago what when was mine.

- Rapunzel!

- So, mother, earlier I was saying the tomorrow to be a pretty big day, and also you didn"t really respond, for this reason I"m simply going come tell you. It"s my birthday! Tada!

- No, no, no can"t be. I distinctly remember. Her birthday was last year.

- That"s the funny thing around birthdays. They"re sort of an annual thing.

- Mother, I"m transforming eighteen. And I wanted to ask, what ns really want for this birthday. Actually what I desire for... Every birthday.


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Go, live her dream. -I will. -Your dream stinks, i was talk to her.
I to be the shed princess. Aren"t I?
I"ve been looking the end the window for 18 year dreaming around what it would certainly feel like when those lights increase in the sky. What if it"s not every little thing that ns dreamed it would certainly be?
The outside civilization is a dangerous place, filled v horrible, selfish people. You have to stay here, wherein you"re safe.
Here come the "smolder".
Tangled Sound Clip


Funny price quotes from Tangled, featuring brief sound clips and sfx.

Actors: Mandy Moore (Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider), Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel)

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