This is the sequel to a ahead article around weird world records that sex — due to the fact that of course there are more!

The civilization is for sure chockablock through sex plot that, when valid, tho go beyond the pale of what most of polite culture will discover themselves engaging in. This extends to cultural aspects, together there are bizarre sex practises come be uncovered all over the world.


While we’ve acquired you here, fine also allude out the while there space weird things human being do when they’re horny, there are also weirder points that world will execute to get horny — if you’re looking, there space some weird aphrodisiacs the end there to gain your motor runnin’. For all this strangeness, we’ve compiled our second list that the weird world records the sex. Definitely don’t try these at home!

Longer 보다 a Limo: farthest Ejaculation.

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Mr. Horst Schultz is more than likely a wonderful guy with a family. Possibly he provides to charity and also is well-liked by his peers. We shall never understand these things. The tradition of pops Schultz, by method of a Google search, extends come his world-record ejaculation.

Horst’s people record for the farthest ejaculation is a whopping 6 meter (18ft, 9in.) — longer than a large limousine!

Honorable mention also goes to Horst, as that significant ejaculate is also the fastest. Horst’s emissions reached a peak speed that 42.7 mph (68.7 km/h) i beg your pardon is, incidentally, much faster than the acceleration that a large limo. Way to go, Horst!

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Most Orgasms in One Hour

How numerous orgasms have you had in an hour? 2 at the an extremely most? well let me tell you; doctors from the facility for Marital and Sexual research studies in California have actually recorded the situation of one woman who took pleasure in — or endured, rather — 134 orgasms end the food of an hour. The record holder because that males? simply 16.

Honorable Mention: the main longest orgasm was videotaped in 1966, when a woman had actually a 45-second orgasm that affiliated 25 individual contractions.

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Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number: earliest Porno Actor

After retiring native his job as a take trip agent in ~ the period of 60, Shigeo Tokuda uncovered something rather to to fill his suddenly empty schedule: pornography. Now in his 80s, he has starred in more than 350 adult films — and all there is no his wife of 45 year knowing about it!

Honorable Mention: Fujiko Ado, a constant scene companion of Tokuda’s that is just few years younger 보다 him.

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Woman that Birthed the many Kids

You’d it is in forgiven because that assuming that there to be nothing lot to perform with your time in 18th Century Russia. If you were Mrs. Valentina Vassilyeva, you filled up your time by having actually as many youngsters as you can — 69, come be more precise.

That 69-baby total consisted that 16 pairs of twins, 7 to adjust of triplets and also 4 sets of quadruplets, plus several individual babies as well (single serve babies?).

Honorable cite goes to the most prolific living mother, Leontina Albina from Chile, who has actually 64 children. She’s now in she sixties and also lives in mountain Antonio.

Man who Fathered the most Children

69 kids is a the majority of kids, to be sure. Yet Mrs. Vassilyeva’s pregnancy prowess pales in comparison to the multiplying might of Moulay Ismaïl Ibn Sharif, king that Morocco in between 1672–1727. End his lifespan, that fathered at least 1,014 kids — more than likely many much more however. How did he discover the time to do royal stuff, prefer sitting in thrones and cutting ribbons?

Honorable Mention: follow to modern DNA mapping, it shows up that Ghengis Khan has upwards that 16 million living male descendants, meaning he must have actually fathered a similar number together Ismaïl.

Biggest arsenal of Penises

No, we aren’t talking around the repertoire of penises in ! We’re introduce to the vast collection of dongs that are on screen at the icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland. Lining its shelves space 300 penises, including one that as soon as belonged to a human. No, us don’t understand where they acquired it from and we’re not asking.

Honorable Mention: in 1300BCE, Egyptian pharaoh Menephta ordered the penile amputations the a Libyan army the he’d simply vanquished in battle. His men collected 13,000 penises the day.

First pair to be presented in Bed with each other on TV

The first couple to ever before be shown together in bed ~ above American tv was Fred and Wilma Flintstone of The Flintstones in 1960. We don’t recognize if they had a gay old time, but you deserve to be certain that they made the bed absent (I to be so, for this reason sorry).

Honorable Mention: Captain James T. Kirk and also Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (played by william Shatner and also Nichelle Nichols, respectively) locked lips in the very first ever interracial kiss broadcast on American TV in a 1968 episode of Star Trek titled ‘Plato’s Stepchildren’.

The first Man to offer Birth

Born Tracy LaGondino, cutting board Beatie gave birth come his an initial child in 2007 after having actually undergone gender-realignment treatments and also surgery ago in 2002. His wife was infertile, so he determined to save his female reproductive organs and also went through an man-made insemination in order to gain pregnant. The has since given bear to 3 children — the first legally registered masculine to give birth.

Honorable Mention: The longest gap in between a an initial twin and second twin being born is 87 days.

Largest Penis

Nature’s largest dick belongs to the blue whale, with about eight feet in typical length and one foot that girthy circumference. If we’re talking about penis size relative to human body size, the Argentine Blue-Bill Duck has actually the largest penis at 14 inches (35.56 cm). It’s precious noting the the Blue-Bill is a normal-sized duck, and you’re welcome because that the hilarious mental image.

Honorable Mention: when it comes to primates, who has the biggest cock (and 2 opposable thumbs)? THIS GUY! Humans have actually the biggest penises, fairly and actually, contrasted to every primates. Take that, monkeys!

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Okay, we had to throw in a few more due to the fact that they to be that jaw-dropping.

Loudest Love Makers

Ever gotten a noise complaint from the neighbors? now imagine getting 311 of castle for having loud sex. A couple in NYC garnered such a feat for your late-night antics, where the sounds could be heard native all six floors of the apartment building. To include to the spontaneity, the pair met in the apartment building, she together a resident and also he as a handyman. They have been gaining it on because that over 5 years. 

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Anyone rather wondering what positions they’re doing? 

The World’s earliest Virgin

Did you recognize that teacher Isaac Newton died a virgin at period 84? still not everywhere near the earliest virgin. Not also Mother Teresa, who died a virgin at 87. The reigning champion for the World’s oldest Virgin belongs come Clara Meadmore, who passed away in 2011 at age 108. She to be a secretary in her homeland of the UK, and regardless of your sexual secretary fantasies, Clara made decision at age 12 the she never ever wanted to obtain married or have actually sex.

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Queen of Queefs Competition

Ninety-three queefs in one minute. Don’t believe us? the no shocker the this was videotaped on the Howard Stern show. The Queef Queen’s surname is Abby, that impressively flatulates an mean of 3 queefs per second. We have actually just as plenty of questions as you do about this one, yet one thing’s for sure, following time you accidentally queef, you i will not ~ feel together embarrassed. You can even bring up this funny fact. 

Longest Masturbation Session

What constitutes a masturbation conference exactly? Staying tough without cumming. Ns guess dudes have actually the top hand in this group with your physical variables, i beg your pardon is why a guy by the surname of Drake Hardy had the ability to beat it for much more than 10 hrs straight. Gift a science major, he taken the physical transforms occurring and paired this expertise with tantric principles. Male masturbation is typically viewed as a rushed and also time-pressured event, yet Hardy believes that his “me time.” He claims he’ll continue prolonging his pleasure till it beginning hurting him.