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"Troglodyte (Cave Man)", originally released as "Troglodite", is a 1972 funk track by The Jimmy Castor Bunch. In the USA, the peaked in ~ #4 top top the R&B charts and #6 ~ above the Billboard hot 100. Billboard ranked it as the No. 80 song for 1972. The song, specifically the intro "What we"re gonna do right here is walk back, way back, earlier into time", has actually been greatly sampled in hip-hop music and dance music. A character introduced in the song, Bertha target ("one the the target Sisters"), to be featured in many later Castor Bunch songs, consisting of "The Bertha butt Boogie" (1975). The song marketed over half-a-million copies, and has to be certified yellow by the RIAA. The charted even better in Canada, where it got to #1 top top the singles graph for 2 weeks.more »

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What we"re gonna execute right here is walk back, method back, earlier into time.When the only human being that existed to be troglodytes... Cavern men, cave women, Neanderthal, troglodytes. Let"s take the average cave man at home, listening come his stereo. Occasionally he"d acquire up, shot to carry out his thing. He"d begin to move, something prefer this,"Dance...dance". As soon as he got exhausted of dance alone, he"d look in the mirror,"Gotta find a woman, gotta uncover a woman, gotta uncover a woman, gotta find a woman". He"d go under to the lake whereby all the females would be swimming or washing apparel or something. He"d look around and also just reach in and also grab one. "Come here...come here".He"d grab she by the hair. You can"t carry out that today, fellas, "cause it can come off. You"d have a item of hair in your hand and also she"d be swimming away from you (Ha, ha)This one woman just lay there, wet and also frightened. The said: "Move... Move". She gained up, she was a huge woman, large woman. Her name was Bertha, Bertha Butt, she was one of the target sisters. The didn"t care. He looked up at her and also said,"Sock it come me, sock it to me, sock it to me, amount say it to me, amount say it to meSock it come me, amount say it to me, amount say it come me!". She looked down on him.She was prepared to crush him, however she started to prefer him. She said, "I"ll amount say it come ya, Daddy". The said, "Wha?". She said, "I"ll sock it come ya, Daddy". You understand what that said? He started it way back thenI wouldn"t lie come youWhen she said, "I"ll sock it to ya, Daddy" He claimed "Right on! ideal on! Hotpants! Hotpants! Ugh... Ugh... Ugh".

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