Super key LV had actually plenty of exciting ad spots in save for tv fans including very first looks at collection such together Disney+’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Paramount+’s Yellowstone as well as recommendations to classic bits the history such as a modern-day reimagining the Saturday Night Live sketch-turned-film Wayne’s World. Tide followed suit by rehashing an iconic little bit of sitcom history in an advertisement featuring Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, Harley Quinn) v a concealed reference because that Seinfeld fans.

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In the ad, Alexander’s confront is emblazoned ~ above a “seemingly sentient hoodie”, as described by CinemaBlend. Though TVLine called the article of clothing “the stuff of nightmares”, they also suggest out how the Tide advertisement utilized the theme song to The greatest American Hero.

Seinfeld fans recognize “The biggest American Hero (Believe it or Not)” finest from its iconic usage on George Costanza’s answering machine, whereby he documents a parody variation of the song. A scene in i m sorry Constanza shimmies follow me to his snazzy record – while staying clear of an impending separation phone speak to – is featured in the illustration “The Susie”.

As ridiculous together the step seems, it was actually influenced by the actual voicemail that a friend of Seinfeld writer David Mandel (Seinfeld, Veep). According to Seinfeld legend, it took many recordings for Alexander to pond George’s rendition of the song. As a Broadway performer, Alexander’s original takes to be too great to convey the comedic-tone essential for the scene.

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Though just featured in one episode, this step has come to be synonymous through George Costanza together a character. Current WandaVision guest star, Kat Dennings (Two broke Girls, Thor), exemplified Seinfeld fan’s love for the scene in her 2015 figure on The so late Late display with James Corden, wherein she admitted come Alexander that she supplied the song as her voicemail for numerous years. Because of the popular of this Seinfeld moment, CinemaBlend referred to Tide’s use of the track in their Super Bowl advertisement as “a pretty straightforward to identify for any established Seinfeld fans.”

For those that couldn’t get enough of Tide’s commercial, the firm released a follow-up advertisement in i m sorry Alexander discovers the visibility of the sweater with his face on it. Tide went together far as to produced one physical copy of the sweater, which pan can apply to win in a raffle to advantage the hunger-relief charity Feeding America. Alexander mutual news that the charity raffle ~ above his Twitter during Sunday’s supervisor Bowl.

Ok, girlfriend *can* simply wear my face. Contribute to a good cause because that the opportunity to win the #TideHoodie100% the contributions benefit