When planning a enjoy the meal or party, you have to know exactly how much meat come buy and also cook per person. It’s not constantly obvious and also depends top top the kind of meat, even if it is a key ingredient or side and also how much weight is lost during cooking. That’s whereby this guide will aid you.

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In this post telling you exactly how much meat to buy and cook per person, I begin with the almost right meat part for everyone. I then display you exactly how to adjust those portions once you’ve determined the menu.

This way, you will have sufficient for everyone, save money and also not have too much leftover.

Because have you ever been come a party wherein the food ran out?

Everyone is circling that last rib, chicken leg or part of beef prefer a pack of wolves. Girlfriend pleasantly sell up the critical morsel as a goodwill gesture, hoping everyone will decline so you deserve to devour it.

It’s an awkward case for everyone, however one that can be avoided if friend know just how much meat per person you require to arrangement for from the start.

Unless you room a seasoned chef or skilled caterer, it’s tough to know exactly how much meat, poultry or fish come buy.

When planning for the party, you commonly think the the main course first, the meat. The other components to think about include whether her guests room adults, youngsters or teenagers, and also how plenty of side dishes you’ll serve.

Let’s obtain into it.

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Average section Sizes for Meat

There space standard portion sizes because that meat and also other proteins like fish and also poultry. We’ll use them to start our calculations because that the right amount the meat come buy when shopping.

For this discussion, stop assume you space feeding adults only. Because that kids, reduced it back and for teenagers, bump it up.

A an excellent portion size for any kind of protein is half a lb or 8 ounces (227 gm) of life meat.Use ¾ lb or 12 ounces (340 gm) when serving meat with just two or three side dishes.Reserve a lb each for large eaters (athletes, teenagers, and others)

The difference in load from raw to cooked is called the yield. That a calculate of the portion of loss indigenous shrinkage, trimmings, and also bones. Yield is what’s left come serve.

Now, prior to your eyes glaze over thinking you need to know a lot of math, that going to be easy.

Know the Yield, or girlfriend Won’t have actually Enough


For many finfish choose bass and also salmon, one 8-ounce section is a typical serving size. You will do it lose about 30% through cooking so figure 11.4 ounces raw fish per person for steaks and fillets.

Use the Palm of your Hand come Visualize the Right portion Size

Portion regulate is what provides or breaks most caterers and restaurants. The whole menu expense revolves approximately the size of the portion. Make the sections too large, and also you’ll shed money.

While you are not pertained to with shedding money for her party, you don’t want to overspend. It is where section control come in.

To help answer the question, “How lot meat every person?” simply look at your hand. A right section size that meat is the very same size as the palm of her hand. The “palm-size” dominance works for everyone since hands room in the ideal proportion even if it is you are an adult male or a 6-year-old girl.

Sometimes it’s easier to visualize a section size this way.

It’s simple to plan How much Meat come Buy

It’s important to know how to arrangement how lot meat come buy. Simply be a tiny generous and add a bit an ext here and also there come ensure you have sufficient to save everybody happy.

One last item of advice. If you use 12 ounces together your part size and you room serving 2 or much more different meats, simply divide the section size by the number of meats to job-related out how much to buy of every kind.

Two varieties of meat, 6 ounces each, three kinds that meat, 4 ounces each and so on.

If you use meat together an appetizer course, alleviate the section sizes down to 1/2 come 1/4 the the key course size.

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You’ll obtain the hang of it after your very first party. If she still not sure how much meat come buy, ask her butcher or the human being in the meat department of your grocery store. They’ll it is in happy come help.