This girl barely graced ours tv screens back in 2011, however if you didn’t recognize already, that was because of editing. She was in reality in the house for awhile. Due to the fact that then she invested time modeling and hosting in ~ clubs, and is currently the happy mommy the a tiny girl. Oh, and she’s into pilates.

Sydney Steinfeldt


Other than obviously switching up she hair and also makeup due to the fact that the season, it seems that this girl hasn’t changed too much. She’s quiet a hilarious sarcastic joker, and is right now working together a casting assistant in LA. She is additionally a part of the farming ranks of ex negative girls that aspire to hold tv. She to be mediocre-ly well-known on Vine, back when the was a thing.

Nikki Giacara


Ah, Kori. This baddie claims to have actually a large heart yet voted for Donald Trump. She’s tho living out in Phoenix, and also is currently a full-time mommy come a tiny girl.

Jessica Rodriguez


Life wasn’t every fun and Playboy because that this baddie when she left the BGC mansion. In 2013 her and also boyfriend Ty Lawson (Baller, Denver Nuggets) to be arrested top top a residential dispute. Ashley was 6 months pregnant in ~ the time. Flash forward a year, and also they’re tho arguing: Ty puts up a photo of your daughter on Insta, and Ashley comments “You don’t take care of ur kid. Or see ur kid. Take it this old ass photo down” Damn! climate in 2016 the drama fight again, through a rumored sex tape in between Ashley & Ty. Ashley has actually been quiet on society media ever before since, deleting many of her accounts. Allows hope that she’s kicked Ty & and the drama come the curb and is enjoying some quality time with her daughter.

Jennifer Buonagurio


This lady really is a BGC OG! after ~ tearin it up on the show, she went on to appear on Orange is the new Black. Now she proceeds to seek her exhilaration career.

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She’s obtained a boyfriend and also is right into politics.