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Hey guys, new member here. Been on this site plenty of times as a non-member and also have uncovered a ton of great information.Got a question.Needing to replace front left the wheel bearing/hub assembly on mine 2006 silverado 1500 4wd. Now, I"ve never done this before but ns am mechanically inclined. I"ve done my research and also think this process is well within my grasp.The inquiries I have actually are, what locations need to be greased? and also what kind/type of grease should be used? Also, what space the talk specs on the key axle nut, caliper bracket, caliper mount, and lug nuts?Any aid is appreciated.Thanks
I"m not sure what the speak specification is (I"d guess about 100 foot pounds, yet that"s simply a guess). The hub assembly will come already greased and also you won"t have to grease anything.
Driveaxle Hub nut is 177lbsWheel Lug Nuts is 140lbsFront Caliper on slide Pins Bolts is 74lbsRear Caliper is 28lbsFront Caliper Mounting brackets is 129lbsRear Caliper Mounting brackets is 148lbs
Ok, many thanks again.Got the component and setup on starting an initial thing morning morning. Hope all goes well.
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