us have gained independence from good Britain, discrimination and also lack of equal rights still exist among the people . As displayed in the article “The fourth of July” through Audre lorde contains around discrimination which arisen on the freedom day in Washington D.C. Audre Lorde visits Washington, D.C. Through her household where she comes throughout many points that she wasn’t aware of. Her family couldn’t stand up for themselves which do Lorde get frustrated around the situation. In the story Lorde was not permitted to do countless things which shows that freedom for Lorde, does no exist for everyone. As shown in the text, Lorde feel excluded indigenous the crowd approximately her due to the fact that her household was not allowed to be at specific place. In the railroad as soon as …show more content… also they do not have sufficient independence whereby they can do whatever they feel to do. “My mother never pointed out that black civilization were not allowed into rail dining car headed southern in 1947.” (Lorde, 240). Lord understands the why she was not allowed to walk on the dining vehicle which makes her sad because it is unfair come her. Lorde walk not deserve to go to the dining car. However, she finds out the reason that black people were not allowed to eat in the dining car. This mirrors that exactly how everyone walk not had the best to the freedom and also they to be seeking for your equal right. A person like Audre Lorde feeling excluded native the people approximately her because of your race. Also, since the rule of the government distinguish African-American and white people. This plainly states that black people won’t have the confident feelings because that the country and might not feeling proud top top the self-reliance …show much more content… for instance, Lorde feel everything around her in washington D.C. To be so white than her hometown new York. “The waitress was white, and also the counter was white, and also the ice cream I never ever ate in Washington D.C., that summer ns left childhood was white, and also the white heat and also the white pavement and also the white rock monuments that my first washington summer make me ailing to my stomach because that the whole rest of the trip and also it wasn "t much of the graduation existing after all.” (Lorde 242). Lorde to compare Washington her hometown new York due to the fact that she can feel the difference in between the people, places and their perspective. In the text, Audre lord talks about how it, advert to just how she felt every little thing was for this reason white, since she thought whatever was same or basic as the shade white yet the truth was something different.

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Lorde feels the heat between, compares to things close to her which were white. This defines that the shade of things and her skin makes her feel excluded from having independence and also equal