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Year: 2007 / 2017Duration: c. 2:45Difficulty: II-1/2 (see Ratings for explanation) Publisher: C.L. Barnhouse Cost: Score and Parts (print) - $60.00   |   Score only (print) - $7.00

Instrumentation (Flexible)

Full ScoreC Instruments component 1


B-flat Instruments part 1

B-flat ClarinetB-flat TrumpetB-flat Soprano Saxophone

E-flat Instruments part 1

E-flat Alto SaxophoneE-flat Clarinet

C Instruments component 2


B-flat Instruments component 2

B-flat ClarinetB-flat Trumpet

E-flat Instruments component 2

E-flat Alto SaxophoneE-flat Horn

F Horn part 2B-flat Instruments component 3

B-flat Tenor SaxophoneEuphonium T.C.B-flat Trombone T.C.B-flat bass Clarinet

E-flat Instruments component 3

E-flat Alto ClarinetE-flat HornE-flat Baritone Saxophone

Bass Clef component 3

TromboneEuphonium B.C.CelloBassoon

F Horn component 3Viola component 3B-flat Instruments component 4

B-flat bass ClarinetB-flat Tenor SaxophoneTrombone T.C.

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E-flat Instruments part 4

E-flat Baritone SaxophoneE-flat Alto ClarinetE-flat Contra-Alto Clarinet

Bass Clef Instruments component 4

TromboneEuphonium B.C.CelloBassoon

Bass Part

String BassElectric base GuitarKeyboard BassTromboneEuphonium B.C.CelloBassoon

B-flat Treble Clef base Part

B-flat base ClarinetContrabass Clarinet T.C.B-flat Tuba T.C.

E-flat Treble Clef bass Part

E-flat Baritone SaxophoneE-flat Contra-Alto ClarinetE-flat Tuba T.C.

Tuba part 5Keyboards

PianoElectric PianoSynthesizerAccordionOrgan

Mallet Percussion



Bass DrumSnare DrumCrash CymbalsTriangleTemple BlocksWind ChimesVibraslapTambourine


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Program Notes

Len Orcino’s famous musical tour roughly the globe, around The world In 80 Measures, is now available to bands with any kind of instrumentation in this “Build-A-Band” edition. As they reap the music, listeners have the right to identify the country the melody portrays. The piece has visits to 18 nations via familiar melodies. A musical worldwide travel adventure that’s fun for all.

- Program keep in mind from publisher


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Orcino, L. (2007). Around the people in 80 measure up . C.L. Barnhouse: Oskaloosa, Iowa.
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