I recognize it’s only early October, but if you’re prefer me, you’re currently filling liquid dishes through festive sweet treats of the season. In mine house, the small pumpkin-shaped glass bowl brimming through candy <…>






I recognize it’s only beforehand October, however if you’re favor me, you’re currently filling liquid dishes v festive sweet treats of the season.

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In my house, the small pumpkin-shaped glass bowl brimming v candy corn are an ext than just “eye candy”, though.

I want my family members (and maybe also me) to have the ability to indulge a little, too, if the sweet this strikes!

For those of us who must avoid certain ingredients, candy-filled holidays favor Halloween deserve to be a scary time.

There space haunting labels to read and creepy cross-contamination dangers to consider. It deserve to be a frightful challenge!

But just due to the fact that we have the right to no longer simply seize bags the our favorite confections from store shelves doesn’t median we miss out on out on all the goodies. It simply takes a little of research and planning.

Guess what? i’ve taken care of that part, so every that’s left is for you is to enjoy your favorite goblin grub.

That’s right! many all-time favourite treats that the season are easily accessible in gluten free (and other allergen-free) versions. Some are even naturally gluten free.

Here’s my height 5 list to get you in great spirits!

 Top 5 Gluten totally free Halloween Candies

I’m sharing links to websites and also vendors whereby I can for your convenience. I perform not receive any type of compensation at every for suggesting any type of of these assets to you. Constantly remember to closely read labels and check sources for any candies or other foods prior to consuming castle on your distinct diet together manufacturers can change ingredients and also production methods at any time there is no notice.

1. Candy Corn – Most famous brands (like Brach’s) save on computer wheat, traces of peanuts and/or tree nuts and also other allergens.

Fortunately, now we deserve to enjoy this ultimate fall treat cost-free from gluten, peanuts and also tree nuts many thanks to A and also J Bakery. (Note: A and J Bakery liquid corn does save on computer eggs, soybean beans protein and artificial dyes.)

2. Caramel to apologize Pops – this gooey-tart lollipops space from Tootsie roll Industries and are available in most grocery and also drug shop by the bag. This pops space gluten free, nut free and peanut free, but do save soy and also milk ingredients.

You can read the full allergen and also nutrition details from the Tootsie Roll markets website here.

3. Starburst Fruit Chews – this super-fruity candies from Wrigley are undoubtedly gluten free. When there room no indications of gluten (or other allergen) cross-contamination through Starburst, always double-check prior to you chew. You have the right to find more information on your website.

4. Chocolate – There’s many amazingly delish fancy chocolate out there that is gluten free, but you’re not likely to discover that in her trick or law sack.

We’re talk Halloween candy and that way the classics.

The most recognizable cacao in the united state is by much Hershey’s. For those of us who space gluten free, there space plenty the sweet choices when it concerns Hershey’s chocolates!

From classic chocolate bars to Kisses to York Peppermint Patties, Hershey’s has a long list of gluten cost-free goodies we deserve to enjoy. For your allergen statement and also a full listing the gluten free confections, visit their website. (Note: return Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are provided as gluten free, Hershey’s does say this excludes seasonal shapes, so be sure to avoid those Reese’s Pumpkins!)

5. More Chocolate! – OK, therefore Hershey’s no the just chocolatier do yummy treats we’d favor to enjoy this Halloween. 2 other significant contributors to the chocolate candy pipeline are Nestle and also Mars.

Nestle supplies brands like Butterfinger, baby Ruth, Raisinets and also Wonka Pixy Stix, every one of which space gluten cost-free (but might contain other allergens, therefore be sure to review labels carefully!)

Also note, only original Butterfinger bars are gluten free. All various other varieties (like Crisp, Giant, Snackerz, etc.) do contain gluten.

Mars supplies brands choose M&Ms (all are gluten totally free EXCEPT pretzel, and also bags labeling “May save Wheat” which it seems ~ to it is in cropping up all over this month on flavors prefer coconut and mint), Dove, Milky way (Original Milky way bars are NOT gluten free; however, the Midnight and also Caramel varieties are), Snickers and 3 Musketeers Bars (both Snickers and also 3 Musketeers are gluten free).

Note: Mars has devised an in-house plan on allergen labeling, i m sorry you deserve to find here. Ns recommend you review the Mars policy, then very closely read the product brand to do the finest decision around which Mars commodities you consume.

Now, Halloween isn’t going to be so scary ~ all!

You can also incorporate some of your favourite allergen-free candy right into fun treats prefer my super-cute Gluten totally free Candy Corn Cupcakes. Here’s how:

Gigi’s Gluten complimentary Candy Corn Cupcakes


Gluten totally free Cupcake Recipe (I favor using mine gluten totally free pumpkin cupcake batter colored yellow to appear as liquid corn base; girlfriend could additionally use a great product like better Batter mixes for her gluten free cupcakes!).

Dairy cost-free “Buttercream” Frosting Recipe

Dairy totally free Whipped Topping Recipe

Gluten complimentary Candy Corn (See #1 above for source.)


1. Make cupcakes in mini muffin pan.

2. If cupcakes cool, do frosting (colored orange for center of candy corn).

3. Do whipped topping.

4. Assemble cupcakes by frosting, then topping through whipped topping.

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5. Garnish v candy corn or your favorite white, yellow or orange candies.


(PS – don’t forget to visit me at GlutenFreeGigi.com where you can sign up for my totally free eLetter.)