Many fans regularly wonder if the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and also the lover Jenny McCarthy space in reality related... Well, they are! Here"s the full story on exactly how these two effective women are very first cousins. 

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Melissa McCarthy was born in Plainfield, Illinois on respectable 26th, 1970 come Sandra and also Michael McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy was born in Evergreen Park, Illinois ~ above November 1, 1972, come Linda and Dan McCarthy.

Melissa is an only child while Jenny has actually three other sisters, Lynette, joanne (former professional basketball player), and also Amy. This does however mean, that Melissa and Jenny are very first cousins.



Melissa and also Jenny McCarthy are first cousins

It is renowned that just due to the fact that two celebs have actually the same last name, friend can"t immediately assume they room related, but in this case, you can! It was in reality Jenny McCarthy who got Melissa her first role as a guest-star on her short-lived sitcom.

Melissa and Jenny have both unable to do on come cement their careers in Hollywood both walk in an extremely different directions. Jenny is an actress, model, and also television host who got her career begin as a nude model for Playboy in 1993, when Melissa is a highly-sought-after actress, comedian, and writer who obtained prominent acknowledgment as "Sookie" in Gilmore Girls


Both Jenny and Melissa McCarthy are really successful

While both women are really successful still this particular day in your respective liked career paths, it appears that they perform not have actually a really close relationship. Melissa McCarthy didn"t even attend Jenny"s many recent wedding to Donnie Wahlberg in 2014. However, Jenny did article a Throwback Thursday photograph to her Instagram v Melissa in 2014. As much as we know, over there is no negative blood however maybe just really different personalities. 

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Me, my sis and also my cousin Melissa. 102 levels at the zoo, not happy campers. #tbt

A short article shared through Jenny McCarthy (

Melissa McCarthy have the right to be watched in the upcoming movies Superintelligence, The Starling, and also Thunder Force, keeping very busy. Jenny McCarthy is at this time a referee on The masking Singer