Wrestling pan all around the civilization remember one tag team with fond nostalgia- The continuous Boyz. The team, consists of brothers Jeff and Matt Hardy, revolutionized the style of tag Team wrestling and brought chaos and destruction in every enhance they participated.  

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The two had amazing operation in WWE and also won the WWF/World sign Team Championship six times. They likewise won the life Tag Team Championship and SmackDown tag Team Championship as soon as each. Your reputation the being too much in the ring was accentuated every time castle entered. 

Unfortunately, the 2 cannot contend anymore as a team due to the fact that Matt Hardy now wrestles on AEW if Jeff Hardy continued in WWE. The two are solo Superstars and also probably might not obtain to wrestle together a sign team everywhere in the near future. 

In a recent short article on Twitter, Matt Hardy included onto the thought and claimed the he in reality missed working along with his brothers . 


Jeff Hardy has actually no present reason to leaving WWE

While this may simply be a explain of genuine feelings, a many fans seem to think a relocate to AEW later may be on the cards for Jeff Hardy. ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ has not been provided up to what he deserve to do in WWE yet is instead used to put over talent. 

WWE is still offering him the an imaginative freedom that desires and also Jeff comes the end of every complement a winner nevertheless of the result. Although, it no seem together if there is a last title operation on the cards because that him. 

Jeff durable has regularly expressed his desire to bring back the well known persona ‘Brother Nero’ or ‘The Willow’, ones that he used very well in various other promotions such as affect and MCW. WWE, however, isn’t providing him that which could be a significant motivator because that him to relocate somewhere else. 

WWE is Jeff’s home, and also he has actually been through so much. It i will not ~ come as a surprised if he decides to finish his career in the company, offered his history with it. WWE sent out really ‘holding hardy back’ in any type of sense and does give him the reigns when it pertains to character design. 

We still gain to see some of the finest moves indigenous him, and he tho manages to take the big risks in matches. Jeff Hardy might not get any major title operation in the future, yet will never stop gift entertaining in the ring. 

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